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[PRODUCT UPDATE] Product development with your needs in mind

Ana Vico - Product Manager
Jun 23, 2021 1:40:16 PM

It’s that time again... here are the latest improvements at Audiense.

Introducing the Audiense Feedback Portal

Keeping you at the centre of our product development has always been a priority for us. We have gone a step further so we can get direct feedback from you on what you would like to see us work on next with the help of a feedback portal. You are now able to see what is coming up in our product roadmap, vote on your favourite items as well add in your own request to help us prioritise our development with you in mind.

You are able to access the portal by logging into your Audiense account and even go through to the main portal dashboard to take a deeper dive into the resources available to you.

Audiense - Share your feedback   Audiense Insights Resources Ccenter   Audiense Feedback Portal - Submit a request

Exporting the results of custom rankings

You are now able to export a list of your influencers with a custom ranking applied in a similar way to how you export your influencers… just in a few clicks! To export the list just click on the ‘actions’ drop-down menu and select ‘Export influencers to XLS - custom rankings applied’.

If you have applied a custom ranking to your list in combination with any other filters (e.g. bio-keywords, type, influence, countries, categories, content creators) you will see this when selecting to export, e.g. ‘Export influencers to XLS - 1 filter applied’

You are also able to add the curated list of influencers with custom rankings applied to an existing or new audience.

Audiense Insights - Product Update - Exporting Custom Rankings

Choosing your preferred dashboard

Now when you log in you are able to choose the default view (insights or connect) you would like to enter into by the use of a simple toggle which can be changed at any time. Not selecting an option will just mean you will see the same dashboard selection screen every time you log in.

Audiense - Product Update - Choosing your preferred dashboard

Upgrading the report creation process

We have also made a few changes to the report creation process.

  • You are able to name your report at any step of the process
  • You are also able to change the audience type without having to restart the creation process

Upgrading the report creation process

Until next time!

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