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Quick replies and welcome messages bring personalised communication opportunities for all

Nov 1, 2016 10:56:08 AM


It’s commonplace these days for individuals to instigate a conversation with a company viaTwitter. Often, it seems to be a customer service question: an initial, public approach from a customer that usually switches to Direct Message immediately after the ‘one tweet each’: “@company I’ve got a problem with…”, “Sorry to hear that, @customer, will you DM me the details…?”.

And, by and large, companies enthusiastically work to resolve issues to the satisfaction of both sides. There are advantages to both protagonists; it is, after all, both a very public and very convenient channel in which to start a conversation; far better to continue in private.

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This evolution illustrates, very well, the willingness of consumers to engage with businesses via DM, something which opens up a world of possibilities for businesses (and vice versa, for consumers). Twitter has responded, with its announcement yesterday of two new features that create better conversational experiences between businesses and people on Twitter.

Known as Quick Replies and Welcome Messages, these new features in Direct Messages makes it easy for businesses to guide people to the best outcomes through a combination of simple automation and human service – without the usual wait for a response from the company’s human Twitter handle operators. You can read Twitter’s full blog post here.

As an official Twitter partner, Audiense has been working with these features while they were being developed. In fact, working with WELT, EL PAÍS and The Economist, Audiense has already developed Quick Reply-based direct message conversational experiences that enable genuine personalization of subscriber relationships for news organisations, by enabling each and every subscriber to choose the breaking news and topics they want to hear about, and how often. It’s individualized DMs, at massive scale.

Try it out with The Economist here:

Or if your Spanish is up to scratch, you can do likewise with El País here:

David Alandete, deputy director of EL PAÍS, went on the record for us with his view: "Through the intermediary of Audiense, these new features from Twitter enable us to personalize the news we bring to our six million followers, continuously adapting the information offer to their preferences, by DM. This step, customizing the information offered, puts Twitter and EL PAÍS right in the vanguard of world journalism.

That’s quite an endorsement, and we’re pleased to say that these features are now an important part of our audience connection capabilities, bringing personalised communications possibilities to every other kind of business whatever needs it has. Talk to us about our Audiense Connection Platform to find out more.

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