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#Rio2016 Campaigns Dominate Social Media This Week!

Jul 29, 2016 12:42:52 PM

Social Trends
With #RIO2016 just a week away, is it any wonder that most of social media is dominated by sport. This week, we have Samsung Mobile running an inspiring sport-related campaign with the hashtag #DoWhatYouCant, Gatorade UK looks at the #LoveOfSport, while Nike has reinvented their #JustDoIt campaign to suit the upcoming Olympic games. What a year for sport!
Plus, more social trends that Team Audiense have been catching up on this week. Read on.

Samsung #DoWhatYouCant

In the spirit of sport, Samsung Mobile has dedicated their latest campaign to all those who go beyond the norm, strive for perfection, and do what is otherwise impossible. Using the hashtag #DoWhatYouCant, the mobile brand has featured a few inspiring sports men and women in a bid to promote their newest phone, the Galaxy s7 Edge “Olympic Games Edition”, which features the Olympic rings.
Samsung and #Rio2016 are also worldwide partners and to promote that, Samsung Mobile are also running an inspiring “anthem” ad, featuring some of the games anthems of different countries.
Nothing like sports to bring out patriotism!

Gatorade #LoveOfSport

Like Samsung Mobile, Gatorade is also running a couple of different campaigns on the back of #Rio2016. We especially love this short animated film about the life of Usain Bolt, who is going to be defending his triple gold medal win this Olympics.
In another ad campaign #LoveOfSports, Gatorade shows a host of Olympian participants with their younger selves pushing them to do better. Nothing if not inspiring!

Nike’s #JustDoIt

Would a sportswear brand be far behind when it comes to an international sporting event? Nike launched a global campaign, “Unlimited Future” for #Rio2016 with different spots with sporting figures like Serena Williams and Mo Farah.
Inspiration is everywhere this week!

And The Winner Is... PIZZA!

Not quite an Olympic sporting competition, but an important one nonetheless...

As reported last week, Pizza Express were using Twitter to conduct a vote to decide which pizza their fans wanted to bring back. The vote took place yesterday, with the winner being announced a few hours ago.

For the record, we think pizza should be an Olympic sport.

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