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SK-II Looks To #ChangeDestiny, #BeMeaningful Awards And #GameReady By Walker Crisps

Apr 15, 2016 1:45:50 PM

Twitter Trends
We love how Twitter is becoming a platform for motivational and meaningful messages. A platform that is helping brands help society. A beauty brand recently used the power of Twitter to share their message about China’s “leftover women”, Havas Media and The Drum have come together to find the most “meaningful brand of the year”. And Walkers Crisps is asking us all to be #GameReady. Never a dull day in the world of Twitter, we say! Plus, more Twitter trends that you should be aware of.

SK-II’s #ChangeDestiny

The Japan based beauty brand, SK-II is leading the way in changing the attitudes of chinese society, especially in the way they look at unmarried women after a certain age. To do this, SK-II took over the “marriage market” - where Chinese parents post personal ads for their daughters. Almost a place where the parents of men can “shop” for women.
To change this attitude, SK-II launched the “Marriage Market Takeover” created by Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors with the hashtag #ChangeDestiny on Twitter. They created a film with a few “leftover women” and their parents speaking about their dreams and wishes for the future. The film then goes on to show SK-II’s takeover of the “marriage market” where instead of parent’s ads for their daughters, it displays the messages these women have for their parents.
The film and campaign has received a hugely positive reaction on Twitter, with major news publications writing about it and sharing it on the social platform. From HuffPost Women, Fortune Magazine to even Elle US, the video aims to truly #ChangeDestiny.


The Drum has partnered with Havas Media UK to find the most meaningful brand for the year 2016. Using the hashtag #BeMeaningful on Twitter, the agency and publication are seeking a winner that consumers view to be improving their quality of life. Twitter users were invited to vote for the brand from a shortlist of 15 brands that include AirBnB, Uber and Spotify.
The shortlist was drawn up using data from Havas Media Group’s Meaningful Brand Index. The winner will be announced on May 3rd at The Drum Marketing Awards.
Voting closed yesterday, April 14th. May the best brand win!

#GameReady With Walkers Crisps

Walkers Crisps are asking all Twitter users to be #GameReady with their new campaign. They’re giving participants the chance to win official Champions League prizes. And the best part of this contest? It’s not just limited to UK participants. A host of countries can participate, and the contest is localised for different regions.
#GameReady in the UK but called “Lays Choir of Champions” in India.
In the UK, Walkers Crisps has joined hands with Dubsmash and YouTube and Vine star, Daz Black to show everyone that they’re #GameReady.
Are you #GameReady?

And In Other News:

- Periscope has taken out a brand new feature which is sure to garner tons of support. Twitter’s video-streaming app is allowing users to draw and doodle on their live video feeds. See how TNW’s Matt Navarra tested it out here.
- This hilarious “April Fools” ad featuring Thor Björnsson truly had a lot of us fooled. Turns out that the prank was orchestrated by SodaStream, and it was only revealed after they released an extended video of the original ad.
- War of words? A bit of Friday fun with this Tweet

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