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SMASH! These 7 Brands Aced Wimbledon On Twitter

Jul 7, 2014 3:11:02 PM

Wimbledon Tweeting Tennis Picture

Warning: This post about Wimbledon on Twitter will contain Tennis puns throughout. We love them, so it’s entirely our fault. Please let us off.

If you’re going to tie your brand to an event, the world’s most famous tennis tournament is certainly a strong choice. Its 137 years of tradition and celebrity interest mean there’s a well established set of angles to fit your brand around. That and Twitter users were constantly engaged during the tournament, with over six million tweets sent. With consumers achieving 55% greater recall of social ads than non-social ones, the smart brands were incorporating Twitter into their efforts. We’ve picked out the ones that rallied our interest the most, and came up with some of the most effective or interesting branded tweets of the tournament.

To mark the second week of the tournament Evian roped in acappella group Vive Vocals to sing personal responses to people tweeting them with the #LetsPlay hashtag.
Amy Hambridge from We Are Social said that the campaign would encourage people to associate the brand with both the sport and the championship by “driving tennis-related conversation with an added personal touch”. This personalisation and sense of fun proved to be a well-matched doubles partnership. By the time the final weekend began the campaign had been seen by over five million people, with over 20,000 loops on Vine for some of the more popular videos.

Lavazza took a customer focussed approach to their Wimbledon marketing strategy. Many tweets looked at the people they were serving, and the happy staff who were serving them. This follows from their ‘We Are The Queue’ campaign back in 2011, highlighting their devotion to the hardcore fans who spent days queueing up to get in. Their presence in the queue this year was still strong, as all of those people have little to do with their time than sit on their phones and amplify brand messages. They had the added bonus this year of Judy Murray (Andy Murray’s mum) serving their coffee to people in the queue. This situated their brand into a central point of the tournament’s build-up chatter and also received coverage from many major news outlets.
Adidas Tennis

With sponsorship deals in place for tournament favourite Andy Murray and winner Novak Djokovic, Adidas were bound to have something in place. Featuring prominently throughout their twitter feed was their #SmashTheSilence campaign, which encouraged users to send ever increasing amounts of support to Murray as the tournament went on. With 70% of consumers saying that in general they would choose a brand that engaged with their interests and 57% saying they’d pick one with advertising that built a strong emotional connect, Adidas Tennis have served up a campaign that hit major buttons with its audience.

Robinsons has been the official drinks provider for Wimbledon since 1935. This consistency has lead to them being the most associated brand with the tournament. If they were a married couple, they would be celebrating their oak anniversary (80th) next year. Naturally, this has been reflected in some of their tweets...
But we like this advert they’ve tied in with the ongoing debate over whether it’s Murray Mound or Henman Hill where scores of British fans congregate to watch their heroes on a big screen. It lead to an amusing competition with a hashtag vote that ties into some widely understood recent history within the sport and their audience.

Pretty much everyone worth seeing has been seen at Wimbledon, film stars, world leaders, and stars from other sports can regularly be found watching the balls fly from side-to-side. Many of Grazia’s readers are more likely to be interested in this aspect of the tournament than the tennis itself, so it made sense that this would be where they focus their attention. This tweet was merely to plug an article about what Kate Middleton Wore. It featured a striking image, a well-known figure, and a major event. It was simple but it spawned well over 100 interactions

This post was important as it is in response to someone making an unsolicited compliment about their brand. These are joyful moments that social media managers live for. You have to be careful when it comes to retweeting compliments as it can look desperate if you do it too much, but when 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth advertising you’d be a fool to not take advantage of perfect opportunities. When one of your brand ambassadors wins Wimbledon, that’s the ideal time to stroke your brand’s ego and share the kind words with dignity.
Colchester Zoo

Okay, let’s go in the opposite direction. What if your brand has no connection to tennis, Wimbledon, or even sport as a whole? ITV commercial director Simon Dalglish said that brands needed to avoid being the “annoying brother on the sofa” when producing branded content. If someone aimlessly bombs into a topic they have no link to then their branded banter is as unwelcome as a dead beetle in your strawberries and cream.

So what could Colchester Zoo do? When asked about Wimbledon, few people would immediately associate them with the historic competition. They couldn’t try to plant themselves front and centre of the matter. This tweet has clearly been done specifically to take advantage of the tournament, but it’s lack of an obvious sell and its soft tone mean it’s a welcome addition to the conversation. Plus, who doesn’t like meerkats?
Bonus: Anyone who shared this shot…

This Vine now has over 4 million loops, each one made Twitter a slightly better place.
Was there anything about Wimbledon on Twitter that simply screamed marketing genius that we missed and you'd like to make a racquet about? Let us know!

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