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Why Social Data Is The Way Forward To Win New Business Pitch And Retain Customers

Aug 2, 2016 5:27:20 PM

Social Data

Marketers all over are harnessing the power of data to derive meaningful insights, and rightly so. But how much of those insights are from social data? “Social media” might be just one factor in the world of marketing - both digital and offline - but it’s a powerhouse of information waiting to be decoded, analysed and used in a manner that will bring unparalleled results.

Channel Vs. Insight Several layers of marketing


So if you’re an agency that is looking to pitch for new business, how do you make use of social data to not only win new accounts, but also ensure that you retain current customers? Our new eBook “How To Use Social Data To Win New Business And Retain Clients” aims to answer these questions, while also raising other questions related to current agency trends.

  • How can agencies, platforms and software work together to build the perfect pitch for potential clients?
  • How do social data and insights help in client retention and winning new business?
  • How do agencies take advantage of the fact that many brands look to hire a mix of speciality, boutique and full-service agencies for better innovation and bigger results?
  • Who, in the whole dynamic of agency vs brand owns the software that provides the social data and insights?
  • Personas are dead. If you aren't focused on behavioural targeting, you are too. How do behavioural insights better your targeting capabilities?
  • How using insights can save you time on execution and reporting

Hear from marketers and industry professionals working at agencies like MEC Global, Ogilvy PR, Havas Helia and Starcom. Download our eBook to take your social data further.

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