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SocialBro launches NEW Monitoring!

Leticia Polese - Communications Manager
Dec 10, 2014 12:39:35 PM


Brand new Monitoring from SocialBro combines comprehensive Twitter data source with end to end campaign management and delivery, creating the most powerful Twitter data mining tool for marketers. With complete global coverage of real time and historical Twitter content, SocialBro provides full Twitter data monitoring alongside campaign management and delivery functionality in one seamless end to end resource!

Slice and dice vast quantities of real-time and historical Twitter content, mine for data based on customised queries, segment and target audiences with pinpoint accuracy, and zoom in on the data that matters with tailored actions and creative solutions.

Use SocialBro Monitoring to:

  • Unlock comprehensive global coverage of Tweets, sift through and discover the most relevant data quickly and easily.
  • Mine for data based on complex queries, using combinations of hashtags, mentions, and keywords.
  • Zoom in on important demographics that affect your marketing strategy, such as gender, locations, and languages, in addition to analysing the sentiment of Tweets.
  • Boost advertising ROI with high performing campaigns built around precise segmentation, targeting and tailored creatives.
  • Feed real-time intelligence into live campaigns and deliver dynamic and responsive initiatives.
  • Cross reference data from Twitter with wider marketing campaigns to maximise performance of email marketing, PR and paid media on other channels.
  • Analyse the competitor landscape to pinpoint the areas your Twitter marketing strategy can improve on.
  • Build detailed, structured reports around campaign KPIs.

Monitoring is available NOW. Click here to find out more SocialBro Monitoring.

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