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[Announcement] SocialBro Taps IBM Watson to Transform Advertising on Twitter

Sep 24, 2015 8:28:57 AM

Telefonica and Adecco First Companies to Adopt SocialBro Personality Insights for Hyper-Targeted and Relevant Campaigns

London, UK - September 24 2015: SocialBro, a Twitter marketing platform, today announced its new product, Personality Insights for Twitter powered by IBM Watson. Using the IBM Watson Personality Insights API, the solution visualises audience personality traits, enabling segmentation at a psychological level to provide an unparalleled depth of targeting and relevance.

A study by the team behind Watson’s Personality Insights API revealed that Twitter users with certain personality traits are 40% more likely to redeem a coupon and some are twice as likely to click through on Twitter Ad campaigns. Now, advertisers can discover and reach those individuals directly.

Fueled by IBM Watson’s Personality Insights API, which analyses personality based on three personality models, The Big Five, Values and Needs, SocialBro’s Personality Insights examines the psycholinguistics of Tweet content and visualises it. This analysis allows marketers to understand their audience’s individual preference on a granular level. The solution has already made it possible for some of the world's largest brands, such as Telefonica and Adecco, to improve targeting and relevance of their Twitter advertising.

Big Five - Consientiousness Big Five Dimension - Conscientiousness & its various facets

Designed to bring cognitive computing to how marketers approach campaigns, SocialBro’s Personality Insights makes segmentation by psychology on Twitter possible. Combined with the capabilities of the SocialBro platform, marketers can define audiences by personality, relationships and content to build precise targeting strategies, improve response rates and enhance the strategic direction of campaigns. Furthermore, understanding the personality traits behind buying behaviour allows brands to apply that insight to marketing decisions across the business to gain competitive advantage.

“Insight-driven digital marketing is now a given and one of the amazing things about Twitter is the richness of data publicly available. Now personality-driven marketing is no longer a vision for the future and is a present reality.” said Javier Burón, cofounder and CEO of SocialBro. “Marketers can use personality data to further enrich their audience profiles and begin to build proactive marketing strategies. By leveraging SocialBro’s Personality Insights Powered By IBM Watson, marketers are able to boost the relevancy and performance of Twitter Ads campaigns and Direct Marketing campaigns and, as a result, produce stronger results.”

David Rodríguez, Product Manager of Telefónica’s Blog Think Big said, “With SocialBro's Personality Insights, we've been able to gain a deeper understanding of the readers of our thought leadership blog 'Think Big'. What personality traits they share, what motivates them, which ones are more likely to share the content with others and much more. Using Personality Insights we were able to build a targeting strategy based on Twitter users who would be more receptive to our content which in turn improved our campaign results and maximised the money we spent on Twitter Ads.”

According to Nicolas Castro, Online Marketing Manager at Adecco, the world's leading provider of human resources, “The campaign we worked on with SocialBro was designed to promote our innovation challenge and encourage people to enter the competition using Lead Generation Twitter Cards. The goal we set out to achieve with Personality Insights was to maximise response rate and contest submissions. We identified and targeted the Twitter users within our audience who matched our objectives, i.e. more likely to respond, share and Retweet. In the end, we saw an increase in response rates and conversions to the competition. SocialBro provided insight into our target audience which contributed to the overall success of our campaign.”

Update: SocialBro renamed to Audiense 10th March 2016

See it in action -  Audiense

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