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Hellmann's #LifeHacks, Queen photobomb & Shakira Shakira!

Rachel May Quin
Jul 25, 2014 11:15:28 AM


Another hectic week has flown by and there’s some great stuff going on in the world of social media. Take a breather and catch up right now, whilst it’s still hot.


Best Brand On Social Media This Week

Our favourite brand on Twitter this week is the so-very-sauce brand Hellmann’s. They’ve come up with a series of ingenious life hacks to make the most of your empty bottle of mayonnaise this summer. The campaign, which will be all over social across various countries this summer, shows how you can turn an empty Hellmann’s jar into a variety of useful tools such as a mini BBQ or a solar-powered lantern. We know, we’re excited too. Global brand director Ian Busch said: “Hellmann’s believes that eating outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures. There is something magical that happens when you combine friends, family, sunshine and great food.” The point of the campaign is that outdoor eating also has challenges like bad weather (especially in the UK…), the campaign is designed to provide innovative solutions to these challenges. We predict people eating lots of mayonnaise with their BBQs this summer.

Tweet Of The Week

Picture the scene. You’ve flown all the way from Australia to compete in the Commonwealth Games. You’re honored to be there with your team, you’re excited to be a part of it and bring medals home for your country. What do you do? Take a selfie obviously, to document the special moment. Fluff your hair, check there’s nothing on your face, get your smile just right and...

Wait… What’s that in the background? Is that?

Yep, you’ve been photobombed by the Queen of England. And judging by that beaming smile on her face, she’s absolutely thrilled to be there. Well done Jayde Taylor, you won the internet this week.

Delegate To Your Future Self

You’re absent-mindedly scrolling on your Facebook feed, scanning snippets of updates. You spot a news story you’re interested in, or see your best friend has just uploaded photos from their recent holiday to somewhere absolutely amazing you wish you’d gone to. If you’re time poor, you probably don’t have time to settle down and flick through that content. No problem! Soon you’ll be able to bookmark posts you want to save thanks to Facebook’s new feature. Never again will a post be lost amongst dozens of updates. You can keep these saved items to yourself (so nobody needs to know you were casually stalking your ex’s updates) or share them with friends. Delegate all those precious Facebook gold nuggets that you don’t quite have enough time to read right now to future you. Exciting stuff.


Awesome Use Of Social Media

This week we’ve gone from unusual to downright awesome, when a NYC wife decided to make her husband’s birthday extra special by putting fliers all around the city asking people to wish her “adorable husband” a happy 32nd birthday via Twitter or Instagram. Cute overload. As the birthday wishes poured in from unexpected places, Gary Hamilton was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.

Also, we found this amazing Vine, which shows what it’s like to have fire in space. Prepare to watch it endlessly as your brain tries to figure out what on earth (well, not on earth…) just happened.

The A-listers

Colombian pop princess Shakira and her snake-hips snatched up the status of most liked Facebook celebrity this week, with 100 million fans. Mark Zuckerberg even congratulated her. Guess this lovely señorita really does like to be available whenever, wherever - that's why her social media presence is so strong. Well done!

This Week’s News In A Nutshell

Need a quick bite of news? Look no further.

    • We’ve got two doses of exciting news from Audiense this week! We’ve got a shiny new tool for you lucky customers called Discover Retweeters. Our marketing wizards have also been hard at work to bring you The Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing, this little puppy has everything you need to know about branding, real-time marketing & converting leads into customers! ;) Go and download it now, who doesn't love a Friday freebie?
    • Ever wondered what it would have been like if scientists making breakthrough discoveries had Twitter? Wonder no more. Our parody account senses are tingling.
    • Facebook and Twitter have both taken steps this week to make your marketing efforts easier! Twitter has unleashed Everyday Moments and acquired Cardspring, a San Francisco-based startup which allows developers to write applications for credit cards, discount coupons and other payment systems. Facebook is introducing a ‘buy’ button in an effort to make social networking even more inclusive.
    • Vine user Lele Pons from Miami, USA, smashed the record for most loops this week, after reaching an astounding one BILLION loops on her channel.

Did you see anything else brilliant this week? Share it in the comments below.See it in action -  Audiense

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