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SocialBro's Weekly Slice Of Social Media: Bloom vs. Bieber, #holidayspam & Twitter song-writing!

Rachel May Quin
Aug 1, 2014 11:54:05 AM


Great news all: IT’S FRIDAY! Which means not only is the weekend around the corner, but you’ve got a delicious weekly slice of social media to read. From celeb brawls to Twitter song-writing, we’ve collected the best of the best into this scrumptious little package. Take a break and catch up on all the latest this week.

Tweet Of The Week

Who doesn’t love a good celeb brawl? Twitter has been buzzing with the news that actor Orlando Bloom - known for his elfin appearance in Lord Of The Rings - punched Canadian pop singer/generally controversial character, Justin Bieber in the face whilst on holiday in Ibiza. All we’ve got to substantiate this claim so far is a somewhat blurry video (who doesn’t have a high res camera on their phone these days?) of the pair arguing. No punches thrown. That hasn’t stopped the entirety of Twitter speculating though. With speculation comes the hilarious commentary tweets, our favorite this week is TV personality Jimmy Fallon.

Best Brand On Social Media This Week

UK brand banter steals the spotlight for best brand on social media this week, after Virgin Holidays responded to 3 mobile’s latest marketing campaign, where they apologize profusely for the #holidayspam incurred after allowing holidaymakers to use their services (calls, texts, data) at no extra cost whilst abroad.

Virgin Holidays have responded this week with #showoff, empowering holidaymakers everywhere by letting them know it’s okay to brag about their holidays. Share those hotdog legs with pride!

Best Viral Comeback

Celebrity comebacks are pretty common these days, but “Weird Al” Yankovic is doing it in style with social media. He’s always been popular on the YouTube scene, considered a somewhat cult icon, and has been putting out pop parodies for the last four decades, but thanks to some social media silliness he’s skyrocketed up the US charts to claim no.1 album. His viral feat involved posting eight new songs online in as many days to promote his new album, Mandatory Fun. Word Crimes, a parody of the controversial Robin Thicke song, has had over 13 million views. Yankovic is the poster child of topical content. We’re not saying your brand should start doing parodies, but a little creativity clearly goes a long way.

The A-listers

Facebook is pandering to the elite these days, after producing a special app for celebrities. The VIP-only app called Facebook Mentions is designed to help celebs keep up with all the people talking about them, making engagement with fans (and others…) much easier to track and manage. The app currently boasts the likes of Mariah Carey, Arianna Huffington and Kim Kardashian. The most recent addition is ginger Brit singer Ed Sheeran. The new way to gauge if you’ve made it is a star-studded invitation from Zuckerberg, apparently.

This Week’s News In A Nutshell

Need a quick bite of news? Look no further.

  • Brits are most likely to ignore social networking bans at work according to a recent survey. Out of 4,500 people questioned, 41% of British employees admitted to totally ignoring their boss for that sweet hit of Facebook and Twitter. Second to the Brits are the Germans, with 42% flouting the rules, closely followed by the Spaniards at 33%. Turns out the French are most obedient to social media bans in the office, with only 20% daring to social network when the boss isn’t looking. We wonder if they’ve mastered the art of quickly switching windows?
  • Do you harbor secret dreams of being the next big thing in the music world? Now’s your time to shine. Scottish singer Emeli Sandé has taken to Twitter to write her latest hit, asking people to share their experience of exhilaration with the hashtag #FeelXE. If it’s good enough, your Tweet might end up being sung on the radio, or something to that effect.
  • Shakira is making headlines again this week, after an Activia music ad she featured in for the 2014 World Cup became the most shared ad ever. The Colombian pop princess is busy breaking all the records these last few weeks. Metaphorically of course. According to WSJ, it’s been shared 5.375 million times. La la la indeed!

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