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SocialBro’s Weekly Slice Of Social Media: #FantaForTheFunny, Pear-fect Brand Banter & Satire Explained

Aug 22, 2014 2:28:46 PM


We’ve reached everybody’s favorite time of the week, Friday afternoon. The mad rush of the last five days is finally coming to an end. Take a quiet moment, have some nice cold water (not a bucketful like our CEO Javier Burón did this week…), and read up on what happened in social media that you might have missed...

Best Brand On Social Media This Week

Fanta brought a little light-hearted humor to the table this week with their exclusively Vine comedy series, #FantaForTheFunny. They’ve teamed up with College Humor and the young comedians of Vine to put together six episodes of comedy goodness over the coming weeks, hosted on the College Humor website. Fanta’s social media campaign is the result of lots of research into teenage motivation and behavior online. Fanta are making use of a number of prominent Vine users, to create and compile all their content into the mini series. They’re also planning to collect other Vines submitted using the #FantaForTheFunny hashtag for later episodes, as AVP (Assistant Vice President) Fanta and Flavors Racquel Mason believes it “unites teens around their shared desire for fame and their shared passion for humor, while allowing them to be themselves and to connect their way.” Utilizing a popular social network and running a campaign with user-generated content? We approve.

Tweet Of The Week

We all love a bit of brand banter. This week, refreshment creators Genuine Juices Tweeted Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Waitrose to ask why the supermarkets weren’t stocking their product. Bring on the puns. Whilst Waitroses’ offering was a rather perfunctory ‘hi submit your interest here' response, Ocado and Sainsbury’s social media managers sprang into full pun mode. If you want to see how the story unfolded in full, you can check out the Storify here - but Ocado win this round with an extremely imaginative use of cantaloupe. Grape job everybody.

The A Listers

Justin Bieber sent his loyal Twitter community of Beliebers into a feeding frenzy after dropping the news that he plans to release more music this year. Biebs seems to enjoy sharing his latest musical endeavors on social media, back in July he was releasing snippets of his newest video via Instagram. Not quite on par with Jackson’s Twitter-exclusive music video, but we look forward to seeing if Bieber can beat King of Pop Jackson in the Twitter stakes!

This Week’s News In A Nutshell

Need a quick bite of news? Look no further.

  • Ever read a truly ridiculous article shared by a friend on Facebook and wondered if the source it came from is reputable and trustworthy? You’re not the only one. Facebook has decided to lend a helping hand. They’re testing a new feature which will see the introduction of ‘Satire’ tags, after websites such as The Onion caused confusion for publishing satirical content that can be misinterpreted as genuine. The most notable incident of this was an article published by The Onion in 2012 which named Kim Jong-un the ‘sexiest man alive’ and was picked up by a Chinese newspaper. Whoops.
  • If you’re a Viner (or thinking about becoming one), the app just got even easier to use. Vine users can now add clips to their video from the camera roll, enjoy nifty new editing tools and you’ve even been given a torch - not a real one sadly - to help shoot film in low light settings. We’re excited to try the new features! More SocialBro videos on the horizon perhaps?
  • We’ve all been there. You’re comfortable on the couch ready to watch your favorite show, or you’re out with your friends and you’ve been left alone for a moment. You reach for your smartphone to kill the time with some mindless social media browsing. The thought of being without Facebook and Twitter leaves you in a cold sweat. You might just be a social media addict. Out of a survey of 700 people, 24% admitted they would find it hardest to give up social media, over smoking and drinking. Ah well, at least you’re never far from a fluffy animal video.

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