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Thanks for your reviews! G2 considers Audiense as a 'High Performer'

Paz Segura - Marketing Manager
Jun 24, 2020 7:47:07 PM
There is nothing more rewarding as a company than receiving feedback from its users, and through these opinions, informing us of our strengths and weaknesses, so that together we can continue to build a platform that helps you in your growth.

We are delighted to announce that we have been recognized as High Performers in the Marketing Analytics Software and Social Media Analytics Software categories in the recently released Summer Reports by G2 Crowd (the leading platform for industry peer-to-peer reviews on business software and services)Audiense is a leader in Marketing Analytics on G2

What do we contribute to our clients?

During the last months, we have worked very hard in positioning Audiense as a segmentation tool and platform for audience profiling using social data.

What problems do we help our clients solve?
  • Traditional consumer research is slow, static, and very expensive.
  • Many organizations have opted to incorporate social data into their strategy, but are struggling to fit traditional keyword and hashtag based social listening with audiences.
  • The personalization and branding strategy has become very tactical at the expense of performance marketing, which gave immediate benefits before the plummeting of cookies and the arrival of GDPR.
Our focus has been not to try to displace what already exists, but to complement it. And it's bearing fruit! The successes of the brands and agencies that have worked with us have also become our successes, leading us to position ourselves among the best of these two categories.


What does this recognition mean to us?

As a B2B technology solution, we highly value the opinion of our clients and that they share it publicly, since this is one of the inputs that industry professionals evaluate when making decisions regarding suppliers and tools for their technological stack: Knowing the favorable opinions and successful experiences of your colleagues in the use of certain platforms can be what tips the scales towards the yes.

We are very proud and happy to be able to read testimonials like these that we are sharing below. It is they who are driving us to develop an increasingly better platform that meets their needs, and helps them overcome the challenges they face.

Audiense review by Tamara L.
Tamara L.
Marketing Manager
Dona Alpargata
Audiense helps us to turn data-points into personas. Using Audiense Connect and Audiense Insights, I can go one step further with my clients. Not only telling them what their target audiences talking about or what are their unmet needs, but I can also answer where and when to reach them, how to engage them and what they look like. Personally, I think Audiense is a powerful tool to data-inform content creation, campaign ideation and new target strategies.
Read full review on G2

Audiense review by Edward James B.
Edward James B.
Founder & Director
Firstly, the team behind Audiense are absolutely focused on delivering a great product shaped by their users needs. They've not only been really open and responsive but have taken our recommendations and suggestions on board - this is what a real partnership looks like. Secondly - this level of service is reflected in the solution itself, and its our choice of social audience segmentation tool because of the range and usefulness of features.
Read full review on G2

Audiense review by Michael B.
Michael B.
Executive Vice President
Zeno Group
Audiense allows us to find the nuances of audiences, especially the ones that are very similar like engineers, developers, CIOs and CTOs. The platform also gives us actionable insights into these audience allowing us to understand their media consumption, sharing patterns and social media usage.
Read full review on G2

Weren't Gartner and Forrester the experts?

G2 Crowd has become an indispensable tool to channel the opinion of users and make the comparison between platforms transparent. You could say that Gartner / Forrester are Top-Down and G2 is Bottom-Up.

Although there are still expert analysts, including Forrester and Gartner, their value is more strategic, focused on how to build your strategy or technology stack.

The process of evaluating modern software can be summarized as:
  • Step 1: understand the market in Forrester / Gartner - if there is a report in the category we are looking for.
  • Step 2: view user reviews on G2.
  • Step 3: have a product demo with the platforms; or, in the case of products like Audiense you have the option of using the product directly before placing a call with someone from the team to solve questions.

If as an Audiense customer you would like to share your experience with other professionals in the sector, we invite you to leave a review of our platform (and we’ll also make a donation to the Girls Who Code project on your behalf).

If, on the other hand, you are not yet an Audiense user, you can create your free account right now and start discovering everything that audience intelligence can do for your brand.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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