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The Word On The Street: Making Opportunities For Content Creation On Twitter

Sep 9, 2015 5:48:06 PM

Twitter Marketing - Content Creation

According to a recent report by Content Marketing Institute, a whooping 78 percent of B2C companies are planning to use User Generated Content (UGC) this year. User generated content is an important factor in any brand’s content marketing strategy because it centers around the user; the consumer that brands are looking to impress. Social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have given rise to influencers as people are more likely to listen to their peers than brands.

So how you can ensure that you’re creating opportunities for content creation through the power of Twitter marketing? We’ve got the inside scoop right here...

Connect With Your Twitter Audience

Your Twitter audience is ready and present to not only be wowed by you but also to wow you. They expect engagement and response, and in doing so they give you the opportunity to create moments that will inspire them to be a part of your brand journey. Twitter’s open and public nature allows this in perfect harmony. User generated content depends on the relationship you share with your audience, and connecting with your Twitter audience will encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions, which can easily be compiled in your content.

At the very least, connecting with your Twitter audience would mean sharing or replying to a Tweet from a Twitter user. For example, McDonald’s recently announced the arrival of their all-day breakfast. They went back to Tweets from 2007/08 about customers bemoaning the fact that the fast-food joint needs to have an all-day breakfast soon. They replied, albeit seven and a half years later, but it hit the right note.

Put A Spin On Real-Time Events

Twitter lends itself to many, many conversations and it’s the one place where brands can really take advantage of important world events to create opportunities for user generated content. Keeping an eye on Twitter’s new Project Lightning, which aims to bring content around real-time events to the forefront, will ensure that your campaign bears fruit. While it gives brands the opportunity to be in the spotlight themselves, it also offers them greater opportunity to engage with their audience to encourage the production of user content.

We loved what did with holiday makers’ pictures to mark the end of summer and with it, summer vacations. The travel website asked Twitter users to send in their best holiday pics and asked four artists to turn them into crazy GIFs. The response was phenomenal, with even creating a hub of the best GIFs - a great use of user generated content.

Own Your Hashtag And Unleash It On Twitter

Granted that it’s pretty tough to ‘own’ a hashtag among the 500 million Tweets that are sent daily, but if done well and in a timely fashion, your own unique hashtag is one of the best ways to derive user generated content. Twitter users love jumping on a hashtag and ‘riding the wave’, giving you, the brand, the power to bring together a content hub based on user response.

Three’s hashtag #HolidaySpam is still one of the most widely used hashtags when people go on holiday. It’s one of the few hashtags that is uniquely linked to Three, making it one of our favourite marketing campaigns in recent times.

Reach Out To Social Media Influencers

Social media has seen a huge rise of influencers. From Topshop to River Island, a number of brands have made use of influencer marketing because Twitter users trust their peers more than brands. According to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers often form opinions about products and services based on the opinions of the people they know. Reach out to an influencer and include them in your marketing strategy. This will automatically create opportunities for content creation from users.

National Trust has our vote on their recent user generated content campaign. They collaborated with the poet, Dr John Cooper Clarke who wrote a poem for their #LoveTheCoast ad campaign, and asked Twitter users to tell them what they love about UK’s coast. The user generated content from Twitter will inspire the completion of the poem.

Content marketing is on top of every marketer’s strategy. But how does one keep renewing it? User generated content can give way to newer and fresher ideas, and a different flavour to brand strategy. How have you used Twitter marketing for user generated content? Tell us in the comments below.

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