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Twitter Data: The Long Term Benefits You Need To Be Unlocking

Feb 22, 2016 6:43:09 PM

Twitter Data: The Long Term Benefits You Need To Be Unlocking

A survey by Gartner has shown that the most successful digital marketers spend six times more on resources to help understand their data (such as tools and people) than those who don’t. Reacting to this trend, CMOs are set to increase spending on social media analytics by 440% between 2014 and 2019. But what can you do with the data that you extract? We recently released a visual guide looking at how to use Twitter insights for your content marketing strategy, but Twitter data can also be utilised to deliver more long term benefits to your brand’s wider marketing strategy. We spoke to Johary Radifison, Global Insights Director at Grayling to discover more.

Johary Rafidison Grayling Social Digital Insights Johary Rafidison, Grayling

In-Depth Understanding Of Different Audience Segments

The time for viewing whole demographics, or your entire following, as one big homogenous group and sending an identical blanket message to all of them is over. The key to truly connecting with them lies relies on gaining a knowledge of more defined groups, which you can then target far more effectively by delivering tailored communication that still fits within the remit of your brand. Research into different areas of your audience to learn how to connect with them and adjust your strategy to optimise your brand’s connection with them.

“By analysing Twitter data we’ve discovered so many important insights about what is likely to connect with our client’s audience. Actionable insights such as what they’re really interested in, and information that can be used to build highly accurate audience personas. We’ve also used Audiense to deliver segmented details on the unique followers on each account, as well as the crossovers with key audiences and competitors. Getting this data matters because we’re at a time when we need to look beyond numbers, a large audience is meaningless without knowing the people who make up that audience.
Gaining an understanding of target audiences and specific account followers has been vital, it helps identify the individual users you want to reach. You want the person who actually likes your brand to retweet you and share your content, because they will be significantly more likely to become a customer. By using a tool like Audiense you can look at what can lead to unique followers of key brands, isolate those audiences, and look at what’s connecting with them.”
Johary Radifison, Global Insights Director, Grayling (All subsequent quotes are also Johary)

Twitter Analytics - SocialBro

Strategic Competitor Benchmarking

Competitor benchmarking can do more than just seeing where you are compared to your competitor, you get ideas on where to improve to gain significant market advantage. Simply comparing follower numbers for primary accounts is only the first step, identifying the types of audience that your competitors are reaching, who your audiences are following, the activity of your audience, and other rich variables will give you more solid idea on the landscape of your industry.

“One of our clients required in-depth analysis of their social performance against their main global competitor. They wanted to know where they were doing better, what they could learn about the other brand’s audience compared to theirs, and generally build the clearest possible picture of where they could gain a strategic advantage.Once you have that data, you have a clear view of the industry landscape.
One insight we gained is that we saw our client had fewer unique followers on Twitter. We had to think about how we achieved that goal of engaging with users who really cared about the brand, rather than ones who just followed because of something like a competition and weren’t likely to engage much in the long-term. This is one example of how Twitter data directly influenced the client’s social strategy.”

Map Out The Personality Insights Of Different Audiences

Modern data solutions and cognitive computing technologies go beyond traditional metrics and deliver deep analysis of the personality traits of an audience. This can be used for targeting based on how the audience is likely to respond, as well as further audience research. Building these personality profiles will identify the Twitter users within any audience who are most likely to retweet your Promoted Tweets, respond to your content, or use a voucher.

A detailed look at a section of the M&S personality facets A detailed look at a section of the M&S personality facets from a past campaign ( Source)


An Increased Alertness To PR And Virality Possibilities

With a well-rounded Twitter data solution in place, you’re able do more than just jump on whatever’s trending, you will be informed about the stories and topics will suit your brand and be picked up by key publications within your audience. This will open up more relevant viral opportunities, and ensure you avoid being THAT brand who desperately tries to force their way into too many trending conversations.

“Twitter is still one of the most important social platforms, and the public aspect of it delivers major value to a brand. Something trending delivers a lot of initial attention to your brand, and then it can be picked up by publishers and traditional media. The chances are increased if you’re taking the time to understand the Twitter landscape around your brand and the audience you want to connect with.”

Unearth Audience Behaviours

As your data helps to build a clearer picture of your audience, you will notice quirks and behaviours unique to them which you can take advantage of before your competitors.

“As a researcher, I care about behaviours. So I find Twitter far more interesting than Facebook because it gives me the data which tells me a lot more about those behaviours. I’m always looking to find what I’ve heard described as ‘The Unknown Cliché,’ a behaviour that’s common but currently hidden or unnoticed. So in Twitter, we’ll look for occasions when people who follow account A are more likely to follow account B, or when people who live in a certain area and are more likely to have particular interests. All those behaviours are useful strategic insights for us to deliver to our clients.”

You can start the implementation of these strategies today and be feeling the benefits for years to come. As well as taking these tips on board, don't forget to download our free visual guide on using Twitter insights for your content marketing strategy.

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