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Uncovering the Madrid World Pride Audience

Paz Segura - Marketing Manager
Jul 7, 2017 9:26:19 AM

A few weeks ago Nielsen published a report focusing on the consumer habits of the LGTBI community highlighting their significant spending power. They are 11% more likely to buy online and purchase branded products.They are also 40% more foodie, inclined to play sport and more interested in culture than the general heterosexual population. It is clear that the ‘pink market’ spends a huge amount of money which brands are definitely benefiting from!

For the 5th Anniversary of World Pride Audiense has taken a look at World Pride Madrid in order to uncover and understand the different types of people talking about it. Their variety of interests, personalities and how they differ in the way they buy.

Who makes up the World Pride Audience?

Using our newly launched Audience Insights product, we have identified five distinct segments that have joined the World Pride Madrid conversation:

  • Madridians: 24 to 49 years old
  • Global Activists for the LGTBI community
  • Community linked to Podemos (a Spanish political party)
  • Community linked to Ciudadanos (a Spanish political party)
  • Global Gen Z

World Pride Madrid segments

“In order to extract the insights you see we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to define audience segmentation based on their interactions and existing or inferred information found in user profiles", explains Audiense Product Manager, Juan Fernández.

Whether it be creative aspects of advertising, strategic targeting or customisable campaigns, products and services the different segments we identify, from any audience have the power to influence a number of key brand decisions.

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The MVP’s in each segment...

Each segment has a number of accounts that are considered to be unique and are often deemed as influencers or brands of interest. The image below displays an overview of the most unique accounts in each segment identified.

World Pride Madrid segmentsThe report revealed that the most relevant accounts for the Madrilenians (Aged 24 to 49) segment are extremely mainstream accounts with no association to any particular areas of interest. Interestingly this segment along with those of Ciudadanos y Podemos (Spanish political parties) consume the most televised content. Specifically the segment linked to Podemos has a 41% affinity to the TV program “El Intermedio”, shown on the Spanish TV channel La Sexta.

El 41% del segmento vinculado a Podemos tiene alta afinidad con el programa El Intermedio, de La Sexta

On the other hand, Generation Z the Post-Millennials segment has a significantly low interest in televised content. As a primarily younger audience than those defined above these individuals prefer to receive information and even entertainment via their mobiles. The most relevant influencers for this segment are youtubers and artists like Ariana Grande, as seen below:

Los influencers más relevantes para los post-millennials del World Pride Madrid

This report has uncovered several fascinating facts about the World Pride Madrid audience in addition to relevant influencers. Uncover personality traits, what factors have influenced buying decisions and so much more for every segment by exploring the full report!

Get the full World Pride 2017 Intelligence Report - Audiense

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