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[USE CASE STORY] Global Shapers Annual Summit: Measuring performance and generating leads using Audience Intelligence

Oct 31, 2019 4:20:06 PM

All attendees have already left. The lights turn off. The latest edition of the Global Shapers Annual Summit concludes, the event that annually brings together the Global Shapers community in Geneva. Time to go home and rest ... Or not! It is time to start preparing the next edition, and audience intelligence will play a crucial role in achieving success.

For those who do not know, the Global Shapers community was born from the World Economic Forum, and is a network of inspiring young people under 30 who work together to address local, regional and global challenges. They have more than 7,000 members, with more than 369 centres based in cities in 171 countries.

Now, let's get to work with the story of this use case in which we take as an example this community and its annual event to see how the union between audience intelligence and social listening, and combining the use of platforms such as Audiense and Pulsar, can be the best weapons to measure the success of an event and generate opportunities for future editions. Throughout this article, we will show you how we:

  • Identify the audience that participates in the conversation about a topic, an event in this case, and how we segment it and obtain in-depth insights about that audience.
  • Discover, among the influencers and personalities relevant to the audience, who are potential speakers or catalysts of activities for future editions of the event.
  • Uncover trends and topics of interest to the audience and their segments, through social listening.
  • Plan lead generation campaigns, both direct and through influencer marketing strategies.

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Identify and know the audience behind the conversation

The first tactic and that lays the foundations of those that will be developed later is to identify who are the audiences that are behind the conversation around the annual Global Shapers event. For this we use the Pulsar TRAC tool, with which we will monitor the published contents that include the following key terms: global shapers annual summit, @globalshapers, #shaperssummit, #weshape, #globalshapers. The different time filters and the monitoring of historical data allow us to identify the audiences that joined the conversation around the Global Shapers Annual Summit in past editions.

Pulsar TRAC - Global Shapers Annual Summit - Conversation Since Aug18

The integration of social listening platforms with other audience intelligence ones, such as Pulsar TRAC and Audiense Insights, makes possible to obtain much more valuable results than using them independently. Thus, by exporting to Audiense Insights the audiences that have previously been identified as participants in the conversation thanks to Pulsar TRAC, we can obtain an in-depth analysis of how the individuals that make up those groups are. In the first instance, we want to obtain insights from three different audiences: those who have talked about Global Shapers during the 2018 summit, those who did it during the 2019 event and all those who have done so throughout the year between an edition and the following (August 2018 - September 2019).

Audiense Insights - Global Shappers - Conversation aug 2018 sept 2019 - Full Audience Overview

This first approach to the aforementioned audiences will allow us to know them better qualitatively. First of all, we can see a clear identification of various relevant segments within each of these audiences: sometimes segments identified by their geographical location appear, such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa or Eastern Africa regions in the Global Shapers Annual Summit audience Aug18-Sept19; on other occasions, these are concrete and well-defined communities, as is the case with the Global Shapers 🌍 and Tech & Digital segments that appear in the same report or the Global Shapers Hubs or Communities segments of the 2018 and 2019 summit hearings respectively .

Audiense Insights - Global Shappers - Summit 2018 - Full Audience Overview

Audiense Insights - Global Shappers - Annual Summit 2019 - Full Audience Overview

As for the insights that can be obtained for both of the audiences and for each segment, relevant data appears as the audience of the 2019 event has a greater interest in social issues related to the world of work than the 2018 summit audience, or that this second one has a strong interest in industry and energy businesses if we compare it with the audience of the following year.

Audiense - Global Shappers - Interests - 2019 vs 2018 audiences - Society - Work

Audiense - Global Shappers - Interests - 2018 vs 2019 audiences - Business Industrial - Energy

The personality of the audience that has spoken about Global Shapers during the last 13 months is characterized by being analytical, active and social. Features that faithfully reflect the nature of the Shaper community. They are philosophical, assertive and energetic, which conforms to the self-definition of this community “young people who promote dialogue, action and change”. Its values include independence and helping others; they like to set their goals and decide how they will achieve them. And it is very important for them to take care of those around them.

Audiense - Global Shappers - Personality Insights by IBM Watson - Conversation aug 2018 sept 2019

If we focus on a more quantitative analysis, having identified these audiences we can do an intersection analysis of audiences with which we can know for example who are the individuals who have participated in the conversation about both editions of the event and that could therefore be considered the hardcore of the social conversation about Social Shapers Summit, representing 11.36% and 6.76% respectively of the audiences of the 2018 and 2019 editions respectively.

Audiense - Global Shappers - Intersection Audiences Summit 2018 2019

The same approach is applicable as a technique for measuring the performance of events, and for validating audiences, seeking the intersection between the target audiences and the audiences effectively involved in the conversation around the event or topic in question, the campaign being more effective the larger the percentage of target audience participating in the conversation.

Identify relevant influencers and personalities: potential speakers and catalysts for future editions of the annual Global Shapers congress

When analyzing who are the most relevant influencers for each audience and segment, we find a large number of opinion leaders, politicians and role models in different fields related to the topics of interest for the Shaper community.

If we look at the audience of the conversation August 2018 - September 2019, we see that among the most unique macro-influencers for this audience in the top 10 are Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, António Guterres, the presidential account from the United States of America, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Alexandria Ocasio-Co and Michelle Obama. Having personalities of this level to promote and give voice to an organization like Global Shapers would be invaluable, but they are personalities with enough difficulty to reach them.

Audiense - Global Shappers - Conversation aug 2018 sept 2019 - Macro Influencers - Person

However, if we look at the micro-influencers, we find personalities, that with a community of followers more discreet than the previous ones, would be more accessible and with a potential greater ease of enrolling them in the event program of the next annual Global Shapers congress as speakers or future catalysts activities. By ordering these micro-influencers by uniqueness we find Phumzile Mlambo, Erik Solheim, Yemi BabingtonAshaye, Roberto Valent, Paul Polman, James Ellsmoor, Achim Steiner, Dr. Kash Sirinanda, Adam Rogers and Rebecca Enonchong in the first 10 positions; All of them hold important positions in organizations such as the UN, WEF, are diplomats or opinion leaders who seek to promote change towards a better future at a global level.

Audiense - Global Shappers - Conversation aug 2018 sept 2019 - Micro Influencers - Person

These personalities and role models for the Global Shaper community, and for the different segments analyzed, are also the ideal candidates for lead generation campaigns for future editions of the annual Global Shapers summit, as we will see later.

Note: this methodology when identifying influencers to be potential speakers in this specific event (i.e. the Global Shapers Annual Summit) could be used to identify brands with which audiences and segments have great affinity and thus determine potential sponsorships and future partnerships in the case of other types of events that do develop these types of strategies.

Identify topics of interest and trends through social listening

Returning to the part of social listening, maintaining a continuous and active listening of what the audiences speak allows to discover topics of interest as well as trends in the conversation.

The most basic listening helps us identify the contents and publications that have had the most resonance around the search (ie, that include the terms “global shapers annual summit”, @globalshapers, #shaperssummit, #weshape, #globalshapers), seeing what other terms appear in the conversation, the relationships between them and how this determines the path the conversation takes.

Pulsar TRAC- Global Shappers - Conversation aug 2018 sept 2019 - Topics - Word Cloud

But, by taking a step further, you can understand what conversations are being had by each segment. When selecting for the same period (Jan 01, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019), for example the segment UNICEF & Other NGOs we see that the most mentioned topics are #WEF19, Davos and Olajumoke Adekeye, while for the Tech & Digital segment it is #WEF17, @GlobalShapers and Davos that had a greater volume. This analysis gives us insights about the interests of each segment and what are the topics that most mobilize each group based on their conversation on the topic analyzed, in this case, the annual Global Shapers summit.

Pulsar TRAC- Global Shappers - Conversation 01012019 31102019 - UNICEF and Other NGOs segment - Topics - Treemap

Pulsar TRAC- Global Shappers - Conversation 01012019 31102019 - Tech and Digital segment - Topics - Treemap

Another way of analysing the conversation, so as to learn where the weight of the conversation is distributed, consists of analysing conversations based on established themes and terms. On this occasion we have identified the ‘impact areas’ of the Global Shapers community and from them we have defined terms to segment the conversation based on these topics: Art & Culture, Cities & Urbanization, Civic Participation, Climate Change, Education, Entrepreneurship, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Gender Equality, Global Health, Migration, Profiling the Future of My City, Sustainable Development, Values, Water, #WeSeeEqual and Labor & Employment.

We can thus observe the variations that exist in the conversation of different segments around each of the defined topics. While the Climate and Sustainability segment talks more about terms referring to Workforce and Employment or Climate Change, the Tech and Digital segment participates more in the conversation around topics like Workforce and Employment or Gender Equality.

Pulsar TRAC- Global Shappers - Conversation 01012019 31102019 - Climate and Sustainability segment - Areas of Impact

Pulsar TRAC- Global Shappers - Conversation 01012019 31102019 - Tech and Digital segment - Areas of Impact

But social listening is not limited to the monitoring of certain specific terms and keywords. Social listening also allows us to keep track of publications and conversations in which specific audiences participate. This social listening technique allows us to uncover trends and topics of interest to specific target audiences.

Of particular relevance is the analysis of the conversation of the audience's influencers. Since these are relevant people for the audiences, the topics they address, promote and participate will also be trends and topics of interest for the target audiences.

Thus, having identified, thanks to Audiense Insights, up to 20,000 influencers for each audience and/or segment within it, you can make a curated list of these influencers (either manual or by geographic filters, by community size, that include certain keywords in their bio) and monitor what they publish and share these profiles.

In this case, an influencers panel has been selected for the Nigeria segment of the “Global Shapers Aug18-Sept19” audience that meets the following criteria: their location is Nigeria, they are micro-influencers (with a community of fewer than 100,000 followers) and they are profiles of people (not organizations or brands). In this way, we obtain an audience of hypersegmented influencers that allows us to identify very niche topics for that specific community such as Lagos, Nigeria or money.

Pulsar TRAC - Monitoring Audience - Micro Influencers Person for Nigeria Segment - Topics

Pulsar TRAC - Monitoring Audience - Micro Influencers Person for Nigeria Segment - Content

Lead generation campaigns (direct and through influencers)

Audience intelligence can also provide insights in order to grow Shapers communities and generate more resonance from the annual Global Shapers summit. Thanks to all the insights obtained from the analysis of these audiences, new niche objective audiences can be created, which thanks to the high segmentation based on these insights, a high conversion potential is assumed.

For example, an audience could be created based on the characteristics of the Nigeria segment, identifying individuals who are from Nigeria and who have affinity with several of the most relevant influencers for that segment. We obtain an audience similar to that of the already validated segment and we can target our paid social actions to it, for example through Twitter Ads campaigns, using this personalized audience.

Audiense Connect - Audience Look-Alike - Global Shapers Annual Summit Aug18-Sept19 - Segment Nigeria

The PR and Influencer Marketing campaigns are another card to play to increase awareness of the Global Shapers community or to generate new incorporations in their local communities. Creating a panel of specialized journalists among the 20,000 influencers identified for the audience allows the analysis of their affinity and uniqueness towards the different segments, and in this way, different content proposals can be prepared for ones or the others depending on the segments you want to reach. For example, we see that Rebecca Herbert, Jim McClelland and Joel Makower have greater uniqueness for the Climate & Sustainability segment, while for the Global Shapers 🌍 segment are Mina Al-Oraibi, John Heilprin and M.Kasper-Claridge who occupy the first positions, so it would be to these whom should be addressed with their pitches the different communities of Global Shapers that want to deliver their messages to these segments.

Audiense Insights - Global Shappers - Conversation aug 2018 sept 2019 - Influencers - Journalists pannel affinity uniqueness by segment

On the other hand, influencer marketing campaigns may have speakers that have been identified, either globally or by segments, making a selection based on different criteria such as the size of their community, if they are organizations or people, their geographical location, etc. This first selection serves to identify, for example, the most unique nano-influencers (fewer than 10,000 followers) for the Climate & Sustainability segment and from there make a qualitative evaluation of them that leads to decide among the members of the main list who are the ideal candidates to develop Influencer Marketing activities.

Audiense - Global Shappers - Conversation aug 2018 sept 2019 - Segment Climate Sustainability - Nano Influencers - Person

We have raised throughout this practical example, using as an excuse the Annual Global Shapers Summit, several examples and methodologies to validate audiences, measure the performance of events, monitor the conversation in order to identify topics and trends related to the subject of the event, as well as the identification of influencers and other agents of interest for the audiences around this community. If you also want to put these tactics into practice and use audience intelligence and social listening to get the maximum ROI from your events, create your free Audiense Insights account today and start getting insights about the audience that interests you.

Photo by Andrei Stratu on Unsplash

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