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[Video] Minute Masterclass: Turning around a failing marketing campaign, on a budget

Mar 6, 2017 11:41:03 AM

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Welcome to the latest Audiense ‘Minute Masterclass’: the fourth in a series of videos that sticks around as long as a Hoxton foodie trend.

Picture this, you've spent months working on a marketing campaign, you've invested significantly in its success, but no dice. The campaign isn't performing at the level you wanted, and to really put the boot in, you've also run low on funds and you're not likely to get much more. This week: we swiftly discuss ideas to rectify this problem and turn a flagging campaign into a glorious marketing phoenix (on a budget), with Harry Taylor from The Marketing Store, Ellie Hernaman from Truffle Social, and Audiense’s own Andy Vale.

If you're looking to boost your marketing campaign without breaking the bank, you need to be looking at your options on organic channels. One that can produce tremendous results in terms of CTR, PR, and driving a fanbase to act is Twitter DMs. But many brands are still getting it wrong, so we've put together an eBook showing you how other brands are already getting it very very right. Download the eBook here.

In this debut season of Minute Masterclasses, we’ll be tackling some of the big questions of modern marketing in about a minute. Check back next week for more bitesize tips and insights into the issues facing marketers today, from our clients Truffle Social and The Marketing Store, and from members of the Audiense team.

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