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What we learned from the second edition of Social Data Summit!

Aug 5, 2020 10:48:10 AM

This is a guest blog written by Rahul Jerome, founder of, a hub that brings together cumulative wisdom of insight & research professionals, business intelligence specialists, ad planners, branding & marketing strategists with data analysts and tech providers to discuss new approaches to providing effective marketing and business insights. He is also the founder of The Insight Network, a private membership community exclusively for practitioners and professionals in advertising, branding and marketing insights. It is a safe environment for professionals to learn, share and connect with each other.

The second edition of the Social Data Summit took place on July 8th 2020. The global virtual summit organised by featured some well-renown organisations from the social listening and digital insights space.

The summit is an ever-green virtual event that takes place every quarter focusing on the latest and best strategies in regards to understanding consumer behaviour on social media channels. The event is free for attendees tuning in live – Register here to receive inspiring case-studies, game-changing technologies and discussions aimed at learning and sharing best practice to improve how brands can drive business success through deep understanding of consumers using social data.

Speakers SDS - second edition

Carlos Serra – Head of Strategy & Corporate Development at Audiense opened the event with his topic being “All you need to know about Social Consumer Segmentation”. This was a fascinating presentation from Carlos who showcased how brands can derive a deeper understanding of consumers by tracking their activity, behaviour and language on social media channels through power of segmentation using Audiense platform that otherwise would be very hard to find insights. To watch full replay of this presentation please go to The Insight Network here.

The content was a continuation of some of the themes from the first instalment where speakers demonstrated how to use human analysis / qualitative research alongside social listening for deeper insights.

Going from previous themes, in this edition some of the sessions looked at how practitioners can derive key actionable insights by bringing in multiple sources of data. The next presentation from Jake Pryszlak, associate partner at Newgate Comms Research hit that subject on the head. His presentation was about “The importance of connecting data and not just collecting data” thereby showing some of their recent projects and examples from NewComms. You can watch the entire recording of the presentation here.

In the following session, Andrew Nelson from Kantar Media presented his topic “Precision, Persuasion Performance” a case-study of a large whiskey brand, demonstrating the power of integrating insights from different sources - surveys, social media, search and Kantar’s TGI and Paid Search data assets helped inform and inspire his client’s brand strategy. There were some brilliant takeaways for the attendees not least from hearing how new techniques can augment tried and tested primary research.

After which, James Macgregor from Bakamo Social presented a fascinating topic on “Discovering agile employees of tomorrow through social data intelligence”. He believes that humans mostly start learning through play. Giving the example of hardcore video gamers who never stop learning, he demonstrated that although the players are absorbed in their games, they are continuing to learn at the same time, thereby developing new skills in - data analysis, teaming, strategising, and building leadership, among other things.

He argued that inadvertently these video gamers have acquired new skills that can help them in the job market but they never mention it on their CVs. If so, why aren’t employers looking for these hidden skills in potential employees? The key takeaway was that traditional research techniques and dominant ways of thinking tend to obscure rather than reveal these hidden gems. James believes social listening helps solve this problem. Watch the full replay here.

The final session of the day was from Jackie Cuyvers, CEO of Convosphere. Her topic was “Using Audience Insight to Understand, Engage and Grow a Fanbase” She presented a case-study of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation Audience Analysis. Jackie demonstrated how brands and insight practitioners could - build highly targeted audiences from Twitter data and map these onto other platforms. Leverage the social graph and content feeds to understand how to better engage with existing and target audiences. She went through the processes more in-depth on how to group seemingly fragmented consumer clusters by finding commonalities in content and outlook.

This was a very interesting session to hear how brands could use some of the methods shared to uncover primary consumer concerns and leverage them, especially using the audience insights to create and supply more engaging content.

To watch all the recording of the presentations just sign-up to our community – The Insight Network.

The third edition of the Social Data Summit is scheduled for November 4th, 2020. The virtual summit is entirely free to watch live, sign-up and share with your peers.

See you in few months!

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