How an ovarian cancer nonprofit used audience targeting to reach 1 in 6 women in the UK

How an ovarian cancer nonprofit used audience targeting to reach 1 in 6 women in the UK

About Ovarian Cancer Action 

Ovarian Cancer Action (OCA)  is dedicated to transforming ovarian cancer into a survivable disease by enhancing awareness and funding breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment. Since its establishment in 2006, OCA has invested over £12 million in pioneering scientific and clinical research, surpassing other ovarian cancer charities in this regard.

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The Challenge

OCA embarked on a UK campaign aimed at raising awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms, strategically timed to coincide with World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day on May 8th.

Given the unique nature of OCA's audience, the organization sought assurance in their campaign design to maximize its impact on the UK population and ultimately save lives.

With the #FollowedByCancer campaign, OCA aimed to target a specific audience of 7,500 individuals who either had a personal connection to ovarian cancer or possessed the ability to amplify the message.

The Solution

Recognizing that a groundbreaking idea alone wouldn't suffice for the campaign to go viral, OCA understood the importance of deliberate audience selection. Thus, they enlisted the help of Audiense. OCA's strategy involved creating four distinct Twitter accounts, each representing a different symptom of ovarian cancer, and following 7,500 individuals—a number corresponding to the annual diagnosis rate of ovarian cancer in British women. Leveraging Audiense, OCA delved into their data to gain valuable insights about their followers and executed the following steps to maximize the campaign's impact with the use of Audiense.

  • Creating a customized audience
  • Identifying relevant influencers
  • Monitoring interactions to ensure the campaign was flying under the radar
  • Tracking interactions across all five Twitter accounts

The Results

OCA's World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day Campaign commenced two days ahead of schedule, sparking timely conversations and achieving significant outcomes on X:

  • 1 in 6 women in the United Kingdom were reached with this campaign
  • OCA’s X audience grew by 50%
  • The campaign delivered 5M views, and 11M impressions
  • Their launch post saw 188k interactions, making it the most engaged post from Ovarian Cancer Action to date
  • @OvarianCancerUK received as many mentions across the 4-day campaign as it did for the whole of 2021
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“Like many charities, resources are limited for us so tools such as Audiense are invaluable. Audiense allowed us to be really targeted about who we followed and reached out to, enabling us to maximise the reach and engagement of our campaign as well as raising vital awareness of ovarian cancer. This was key to the #FollowedByCancer success.” 
Nick Wright

Nick Wright
Joint Head of Communications and Marketing | OCA

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