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5 ways to make your Twitter account management more efficient

Twitter Account Management More Efficient social Media strategy If you manage social media accounts on a day-to-day basis, we’re sure you’ll know that managing multiple accounts effectively across channels is no mean feat. Twitter account management requires excellent customer service skills, attention to detail, and the right tools - especially if you’re working agency side and manage Twitter accounts for multiple clients. Here’s our tips and tricks to make social media management for multiple accounts more manageable.

1. Target the right audience

64% of marketers saw an increase in traffic after spending just 6 hours per week managing their social media channels. Optimise your time spent on social media by appealing to the right audience with the right content at the right time. With the right platform, marketers can drill down and segment Twitter users to build buyer personas and make data-driven marketing decisions. A platform such as SocialBro can help you search by keywords, location, and other important personalised data to search and filter the entirety of Twitter’s user community, then create a Tailored Audience out of these users. Investing time in creating persona-orientated audiences, then analysing these audiences to pull out relevant data, will help your manage your Twitter account and followers smarter and faster.

2. Have a Twitter content strategy

Posting content can be made simple with a thorough content strategy that addresses a range of diverse and relevant topics. Just like every marketing channel your brand or client uses, Twitter needs a content strategy and guidelines to follow - though remember to leave room for flexibility. Post a mix of your own branded content, industry news, and topical content related to what you do. Pencil in time in your schedule each week to commit to sourcing content to share on your Twitter account, and be aware of the content you’re sharing. Measure the impact of content using tools such as SocialBro to dive into Tweet Analytics, and track link clicks using a URL shortener like Bitly to see where the traffic is coming from and if they’re converting into leads.

3. Monitor conversations

When managing Twitter accounts you need to be on the ball, as 53% of customers who ask a brand a question on Twitter expect an answer within 60 minutes. This insight becomes especially important if you have multiple staff fielding Twitter queries, or a designated help account separate from your main corporate one. Monitor conversations using a tool such as Hootsuite to keep on top of customer interactions, and be eagle-eyed by spotting new opportunities to interact with prospects. For example, if you see somebody give your brand a shout out in a Twitter chat and a prospect replies with a question, get ready to swoop in and help out.

4. Build relevant and personalised campaigns

Personalised Twitter campaigns which improve the overall customer experience is the goal for many brands. To achieve this, you need to be focusing on creating relevant and personalised campaigns. If you’re managing multiple accounts, it’s safe to assume you’ve got several Twitter campaigns running too. Organic Twitter campaigns can increase your brand exposure on Twitter and interaction from the audience will give campaign engagement rates a significant boost. Moreover, your Twitter marketing campaigns will also benefit from precision targeted and tailored copy in your Tweets. Get the best results by segmenting your social audience and new prospects.

5. Determine the most relevant metrics for your reporting

Whether you’re managing multiple Twitter accounts, or just the one, save yourself time by drilling down to the most relevant Twitter metrics. Make sure everyone on your team involved in Twitter account management understands the purpose of Twitter in driving your marketing strategy forward by establishing targets: Do you want more followers to increase overall brand awareness online? More Tweet interactions to drive traffic to a landing page? More engagements to spread your promotional content? Drill down to these key metrics, and understand the KPI values for each metric. X people engaged with your campaign but didn’t follow you, so what next? Retarget with another campaign and use this marketing tactic for better results next time.

What other Twitter account management tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve to make the process as smooth as possible? Share them in the comments.

Post by Rachel Quin

Twitter Marketing - SocialBro