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Lakers vs Clippers, ✈︎ ✈︎ LAX: From global to local insights

 Lakers vs Clippers,  ✈︎  ✈︎ LAX: From global to local insights As two Pacific Division giants within the NBA, sharing not only their home city of LA but also their stomping ground of the Staples Centre how different could their fan base be?

Having put ourselves in the shoes of a sports brand looking to sponsor some homegrown talent we decided to analyze each team's’ fan base (local, national and international) identifying who they are whilst uncovering their interests, affinities and personalities.

Lakers vs Clippers: The global audience

As expected both demographics shared an array of characteristics such as personality attributes in particular, their needs and values traits describing both audiences as analytical, in need for stability, outgoing and determined to live life to the fullest.

Audiense Insights - Lakers vs Clippers - Clippers and Lakers Worldwide fans - Personality Insights

However, gender is where the differences are brought to light as the Lakers team have a larger base of female fans compared to the Clippers predominantly male fan base. Although the Lakers may be perceived as a greater international name, we discovered a higher percentage of the Clippers audience based in China.

Audiense Insights - Lakers vs Clippers - Gender - Location - Country

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The significant differences lie within the realm of group interests. Whilst Lakers fans demonstrate a greater interest in celebrities and public figures from a variety of industries the Clippers demographic is more industry-specific with a keen interest in the sport itself. Taking the interests analysis a level deeper into ‘Purchasing’ habits Clippers fans also have a higher affinity to sportswear.

Audiense Insights - Lakers vs Clippers - Clippers Worldwide fans - Top Sport clothing brands Top sports brands for the global Clippers audience.

Let’s take a step down from an international perspective to a national or even a local one analysing each team’s follower base within the United States and LA respectively identifying influencers for each.

Lakers vs Clippers: The US based audience

At a national level there is a significant difference in macro-influencers for each group.

For Clipper fans the most important macro-influencers are:

  • Lebron James: Surprisingly fans have a greater affinity to Lebron than Chris Paul or Blake Griffin. Maybe a change of team is in need?
  • Chris Paul: An Ex Clipper but now a Houston Rockets favourite
  • Blake Griffin: Clippers very own Rookie of the Year and Slam Dunk Champion
  • Kevin Durant: A Golden State Warriors MVP
  • SHAQ: A legend on the court and now off

Audiense Insights - Lakers vs Clippers - Lakers USA fans - Top Macro Influencers.png Top Macro-influencers for Lakers fans in the US


Lakers vs Clippers: The LA based audience

At a local level among sports clubs, current players and basketball stars as micro-influencer Clippers fans have also built a great affinity to TV and radio fan favourite Ralph Lawler, long time Clippers commentator.

Audiense Insights - Lakers vs Clippers - Clippers Los Angeles fans - Top Micro Influencers.png Micro-influencers for Clippers fans in LA

The celebrity/public figure trend continues through to local micro-influencers level for Lakers fans including Mike Turrell, the LA Lakers reporter.

Audiense Insights - Lakers vs Clippers - Lakers Los Angeles fans - Top Micro Influencers.png.png Micro-influencers for Lakers fans in LA

In this age old rivalry who will reign supreme in relevant communication? Consumer insights provide vital information that has the power to connect brands with the most relevant audiences and segments.

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This blog is a translation from the Spanish original, written by Paz Segura, for the Audiense Spanish blog.