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[Product Update] New AI segment naming, GWI improvement, and more!

We are so excited to let you know about our latest product plans and recent launches that we have included ‘what’s new’, ‘what’s better’ and ‘what’s coming next’ in our summer 2023 product update.

You’ve probably seen a few announcements of late about Audiense acquiring both Affinio and Tweet Binder, not long after SOPRISM (our Meta insights platform). So you won’t be surprised when we tell you that our ever-growing product team has been busy behind the scenes planning our roadmap to make room for all these exciting changes! 

Although we don’t have answers to everything just yet, we do have some updates to share, and we’d like to let you in on our thinking on how we envisage improving our customer experience further in the near future with an even more powerful suite of tools. Read till the end to find out more!

In this update, you’ll find:

What’s new?

  1. Improved AI generated segment names (Beta) in Audiense Insights
  2. Market Trends Analysis (Country Intelligence Center) 

What’s better?

  1. GWI Integration: profile attribute matching summary 
  2. Twitter data optimization
  3. New Personas in SOPRISM (Meta audience insights)

What’s coming?

  1. Single Sign-On (SSO)
  2. Export your audience targeting criteria from SOPRISM to your Meta Ads Manager (Beta)
  3. Looking at strengths from both Affinio and Audiense Insights to bring the best of both worlds to our customers
  4. Building an even stronger Twitter Marketing suite of tools with Tweet Binder.


What’s new?

1. Newly improved AI generated segment names (Beta) in Audiense Insights 🧠

To help you understand your audience better and faster, we've made some improvements with the help of Open AI to provide a more intuitive way to describe each segment within a larger audience. With the new AI improvements, the names we suggest are generated using the segment members’ unique bio-keywords in a more descriptive style consisting of 2–3 words + emojis, and always displayed in English: i.e. Pop Music Lover 💜 or Soccer and WWE Fan ⚽🤼‍♂️. 

Audiense blog - segment naming with AI

We will continue to iterate on this improvement, and plan to include additional insights such as interests and location, always offering you the chance to edit these names by using other important insights. Read our FAQ user guide.

This feature is in public beta phase, so for a limited time you are able to switch it off or on again within the beta period. Find out more about your settings for public beta features.

2. Country Intelligence Center: Market Trends Analysis 🌐

As part of our Solutions’ managed service, our Research & Insights team have developed a new offering that exists off-platform as part of a wider research project. The goal is to identify the trends of markets and countries, as a unique audience intelligence solution at market/national level. 

What kind of insights can you expect?

Comparisons & trends, as well as country deep-dives: It will be possible to compare genders, age groups, predefined marketing personas, brands and competitors, events, topics and products by country or specific market. 

3.2. Whats new_ Market trends CIC 2

For more information, please contact your account manager. 


What's better?

1. Audiense & GWI integration attribute matching summary 💕

We have made some improvements to our integration with GWI

As you use the integration, you will notice a new step inside Audiense Insights that shows the attribute matching for your audience/segment in a comparison view, before they are ported to GWI.  If an attribute has not been matched it will display ‘No match was found’ (perhaps the equivalent has a different sublevel in GWI), however you can of course adjust your audience once inside the GWI platform by adding attributes where needed and most relevant. 

Audiense blog - GWI attribute matching summary

2. Twitter data optimization ⏭️

As you may already know, an essential part of our insights reports rely on the social graph of the Twitter API. Although we are continuously keeping this dataset up-to-date in order to maintain a refreshed social snapshot of Twitter, we’ve recently implemented some optimizations. We are now updating an average of 20M graphs per day, taking approximately 7 days to complete a loop through our dataset of more than 1.5B users.

3. New Personas available in SOPRISM’s Meta insights reports 💁

SOPRISM Personas have been improved, providing over 100 profiles for any given audience. Go to your Persona section inside a report, within the Soprism dashboard, to see the overview and segments tabs. In the overview, find the top 5 lifestyle mindsets for your audience and deep dive into the segment tab to uncover more insights.

Audiense blog - SOPRISM Personas

Personas (also referred to as segments) are audience profiles based on a combination of sociodemographic and psychographic criteria that comes from Meta’s data and Soprism's proprietary technology, highlighting distinctive lifestyle mindsets for your target audience. Thanks to the scores generated by SOPRISM, you can easily identify and understand all of your audience's insights illustrated in graphs, which highlight the main characteristics, allowing you to identify these segments and personality traits that help you improve your marketing strategies.

These personality traits correspond to different combinations of Facebook and Instagram criteria grouped into main themes in order to best define the mindset of your audience. This ranking is based on the score within the persona segmentation area of the dashboard, and therefore differs according to the audience.

Read our Persona Glossary to uncover their meaning!


What’s coming?

1. Single Sign On: Improving your login experience for multiple platforms *️⃣

We're quite excited about this one!  For future sign-ups to our platform, as well as for current users, we are going to be implementing an SSO in which you will be able to use different products (i.e. Audiense, Soprism, Puvlic, and other integrations) with one single login.

Audiense blog - Single Sign On

📭 All-in-all, this will help you save time remembering passwords or having to go through support to reset them. 

How does it work, you ask?

Single Sign On occurs when a user logs in to one application and is then signed in to other applications automatically, regardless of the platform, technology, or domain they are using. For example, if you log into a Google service such as Gmail, you are automatically authenticated to YouTube, AdSense, Google Analytics, and other Google apps, connecting these applications with just one identity. 

2. Export your audience targeting criteria from SOPRISM directly into your Meta Ads Manager (Beta) 🎯

The way you activate and reach your audience is about to change for the better!

This beta feature is coming soon, and will allow you to export your segments/personas directly from the SOPRISM report segmentation tab into your Meta Ads Manager. 

You will even be able to choose the type of campaign you want to create from your SOPRISM dashboard, and export an Ad Set that is part of a campaign within your Ads Manager. 

Audiense blog - SOPRISM Export to Meta

Got any questions, concerns or comments? Please feel free to reach us via the SOPRISM in-app chat!

3. Affinio & Audiense Insights: bringing the best of both worlds together 🚀

Recently, we announced our acquisition of Affinio, growing our tech stack and Audience Intelligence capabilities even further. If you missed it, you can read about the acquisition here.

What does this acquisition mean for you?

As valued users of Audiense and/or Affinio, this is an exciting opportunity to consolidate two powerhouses when it comes to audience intelligence, bringing everything you could need under one roof. We are committed to delivering a seamless user experience for all Audiense and Affinio users, and plan to continue to make the Affinio Social service available in its current state as part of our offering.

Our product teams are working to identify the most valued features of both platforms, to assess how we could join the best of both together in the future. 

To help us get there, we are having some interesting conversations with users that are familiar with both products to understand what they like/dislike, and the must-haves from both platforms. If you would like to have a chat and share your feedback on this front, please get in touch with us via

We’ll share more details on our approach as it develops, but in the meantime, the addition of Affinio to our growing tech stack will strengthen your ability to analyze and action social data to enhance your marketing strategy. Plus, of course, you now also have access to Meta insights, thanks to our acquisition of SOPRISM last year. 

If you have any questions about this, please reach out to your Account Manager, or get in touch with us via

4. Tweet Binder & Audiense Connect: building an even more powerful Twitter Marketing solution 🔗

We’re so thrilled about this acquisition, as we now have the opportunity to support and nurture the next generation of social media professionals and audience strategists, who are currently using Tweet Binder to gain more actionable and strategic insights. If you missed that Audiense acquired Tweet Binder, you can read the news here!

Tweet Binder provides Twitter analytics (impact, reach, user rankings), the ability to identify brand ambassadors, sentiment analysis and so much more… so the sky’s the limit on how much more value users will get from having access to Audiense Connect’s powerful set of Twitter Marketing features. Our team is working on developing an enriched Twitter Marketing solution that will encapsulate both platforms and its features. 

We pride ourselves on putting you and your needs at the core of our development. Your feedback really does count, and we value your continued support in making Audiense the best it can be! Check out our Product Portal to keep up to date with our roadmap, and vote for what is important to you.

Audiense blog - Start a trial - Audiense Insights