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The TOP 10 influencers for CMOs

Audiense - The TOP 10 influencers for CMOs - Audiense InsightsThe purpose of Audiense is to enable our customers to identify, understand and connect with the audiences that matter to them. We aim to provide intuitive insights into the individuals that make up those audiences.

Influencer marketing is one of our strengths where we champion the democratization of social data. How you ask? Let's take a look at a practical example with a particularly interesting audience, the C-suite... specifically CMO’s.

In order to extract the most accurate insights we had to identify a target audience made up of over 4000 CMOs worldwide. Once defined, we went ahead and generated an insights report that analysed different facets of the audience from patterns of interaction and composition to unique characteristics defining specific segments within the audience.
Audiense Insights - CMOs 2017 - Segments

Who influences a CMO?

A common pitfall as mentioned on previous occasions, is choosing the wrong type of influencer for your brand or campaign. When trying to maximize the ROI of your influencer marketing efforts looking for individuals with the largest following or for prominent figures within popular culture are not the criteria you should be basing your decisions on. In fact following the data is essential! Look at your audience’s affinity and the unique characteristics to inform your strategic influencer marketing decisions.

Audiense Insights - Explore the full Tomorrowland 2017 Insights Report - Access Audiense Insights

When looking for the right influencers, in this case it would be for the CMO community, it is imperative to work off the basis that the power of an influencer is not defined by a large following but by the affinity, loyalty, influence and the power of persuasion the individual has among the audience. With regards to the CMO community although there are several individuals that have large communities the affinity they hold is too low to be considered an effective influencer. Therefore, using the data to understand affinity and how unique they are to the audience in question is the path to be travelled when creating an influencer strategy.

Using our Insights Report on the CMO’s of 2017 we generated the following ranking, based on affinity and uniqueness, of the most influential users within this community.

Audiense - Infographic - TOP Influencers for CMOs

Interested in further understanding the 2017 CMO community? Why not access Audiense Insights for free! You may discover that Audiense Insights can help you with your influencer marketing strategy. Feel free to contact us for more information.