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Why audience insights can save your agency time and money

A common factor for all agencies is that the deadline was the day before yesterday. On top of that, if you add working simultaneously on several campaigns, answering emails and calls from different clients and generating proposals to gain new clients ... How much time do you really have left to manually analyze excel sheets full of yet more data? Perhaps it's time to opt for the insights extracted from social data and save yourself a lot of time (and money).

As any marketing professional knows, the insights to be extracted from social data are incomparable. We should stop thinking of social networks as only a channel. They're much more than that: they're a place where you can collect multiple and valuable insights about the audience of your customers, their competitors and the market in general, and use that valuable information for other marketing strategies.

The insights you can obtain from the social data of your (potential or current) clients' audiences will not only save you time and money, but will also turn your proposal into valuable information for your client from the outset.

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Let's see some cases in which social data about audiences can be your agency's great ally.

Brand health and identification of new audiences

Social data provides useful information and insights about market share and allows you to understand your own audiences and those of your competitors. From these insights, you can define strategies so that your customers can gain for themselves a bigger piece of the pie.

All this with a reduced investment in time (and money). Research based on social data analyzes what the market share of your customers is, the true size of their community, and identifies and acquires new segments and audiences that they didn't know about or that they hadn't yet identified. Can you imagine meeting a potential client with a proposal in hand in which you present 3 new target segments which they had never even considered and also being able to endorse your proposal with hard data? And just imagine if you finish off with a proposal to minimize the acquisition cost of these new consumers as you can direct their paid campaigns at only those that are truly relevant to their brand. Not only that but also acquire a deep understanding of these new groups to design customized strategies so that they become consumers of your client's brand. Social data also helps to flexibly generate enough hypotheses to test messages, campaigns, etc. and to then conclude with the definitive implementation once the necessary data has been obtained.

Influencer marketing

Forget about investing hours and hours manually selecting influencers for your clients. And avoid a risky mistake by making your decisions based on non-objective criteria. Any client would want your candidates for brand influencers to be as relevant as possible to their target audiences, right?

Using the right platform, and in just a couple of hours, you can obtain a huge selection of influencers for the audiences and segments you defined, based on objective criteria: the affinity between the influencer and their community and their uniqueness to that segment (key data when talking about micro-influencers and niche influencers).

Campaign validation

How do you validate the audiences on which your clients' campaigns have impacted? The analysis of social data gives you this information, and more, both easily and quickly. Analyzing the audience that has participated and interacted with your campaign, you can identify if those individuals belong to the target audience, or if segments that were not the initial goal of the campaign have been activated.

The insights about the audiences obtained not only serve to present a report after the campaign, but also give you the opportunity to make a proposal for potential follow-up campaigns adapted to the different audiences, laying the foundation for the creative and content strategy and even the media plan for these new actions.

We know that agencies are always pressed for time, so we wanted to stop at just these three examples, but there are countless use cases where insights are going to be your ally in the quest to deliver before the deadline! Want confirmation? Help your clients save time and money on marketing campaigns by discovering what Audiense has to offer. Book your Audiense Insights Demo TODAY!

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