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4 key marketing trends to consider for your 2023 strategy

New technological advancements and algorithm changes have a major impact on what brands and marketers are able to do. 

Sometimes, these changes will bring in new solutions that expand their capabilities. Other times, they may also introduce new rules and regulations that brands must comply with. As a result, these changes have a big influence on the trends that take up the current marketing landscape. 

Marketers need to be constantly on their toes to ensure that they’re catching up with the latest trends and using the latest insights to their benefit. We’ve explored four of the key marketing trends you should consider for your 2023 marketing strategy.

1. Know your audience on a deeper level

As marketers face fiercer competition and personalisation becomes a norm, there’s a growing need to understand the audience on a deeper level. However, recent HubSpot data reveals that more than half of marketers don’t know about the interests and hobbies of their audience. Only 42% know about basic demographic details and products they might be interested in buying.

These numbers reveal that marketers don’t know enough about their audience to personalise their offers and experiences. At the same time, collecting customer data may get more challenging with new data privacy regulations being implemented. So the focus needs to be on first-party data. 

Audience intelligence platforms like Audiense Insights can help you identify key insights about your customers so you can get to know them better. This platform lets you segment your audience based on shared interests and develop data-driven personas, which will allow you to take a more personalised approach to connecting with them.

2. Optimize for multisearch

After Google introduced multisearch in 2022, it made way for more powerful searches and more accurate results. This capability enables people to conduct searches using both images and text at the same time. 

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That means ensuring that your webpages are optimized for both text and image searches can help you improve your visibility in search engine results. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to do anything extra in terms of text content optimization. 

Now the only extra step would involve enhancing your SEO efforts with image optimization. In other words, don’t skip your image alt texts if you want Google to be able to index your image content. And make sure you’re regularly checking your image rankings to see where you’re standing.

3. Shift your focus on conversational marketing

Gone are the days when brands would blast ad after ad without creating any opportunity for the customers to engage. Now brands are finding a way to create a two-way dialogue with their audience to build a stronger, longer-lasting relationship. Conversational marketing is the keyword today, with experts like Michael Brito vouching for its importance.

As Brito puts it, conversational marketing is a way to add a “human layer” to your digital marketing, where the focus is on building relationships with your customers. And it goes beyond simply exchanging Tweets with your customers. Rather, it involves engaging with them to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and pain points, which would then allow you to further enhance their experience.

4. Understand how ChatGPT can add value

In line with the above, the introduction of technology such as ChatGPT is further facilitating the popularity of conversational marketing. This AI-based natural language processing model allows developers to create chatbots that are far more advanced and more “natural” than their earlier counterparts. So uncovering how ChatGPT can add value to various aspects of your business is an essential step to getting ahead of the competition (or at least catching up).

Experts like David Boyle are strongly backing up this technology, and even co-authored “PROMPT,” which is a book intended to help brands achieve growth using ChatGPT. Boyle has been regularly documenting his journey making use of the technology to transform his analysis game. He explained that ChatGPT enables him to “manipulate, query, and analyse words and ideas” like he’s always done with numbers.

However, Boyle also made the prediction that although we might see more people use ChatGPT to write emails, reports, and notes, many of them won’t put the hard work into editing, enhancing, and repositioning it. As such, they’d be missing a key step in improving ChatGPT and uncovering its true value and benefits for their business.

What does your 2023 look like?

The trends and insights highlighted above are set to make a big impact in the marketing landscape this year. As you prepare to incorporate them into your 2023 strategy, you can identify a common thread tying some of these trends together–a need to gain a deeper audience understanding. 

So it only makes sense to invest in tools and technology that will help you achieve that goal. Sign up for a free trial of Audiense Insights to see how the platform provides the audience intelligence you need to build a winning marketing strategy in 2023.

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