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[Product Update] Merge segments, customized reports, Meta targeting and much more!

Greetings, update enthusiasts! We've emerged from our autumnal hibernation with our latest product update. Brace yourselves for a fresh batch of what's new, what's improved, and what's brewing on the horizon!

See a summary:

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This update includes:


What’s new? 

Start using new features that will improve your audience analysis.



What’s better?

Benefit from improvements within the product to take you to the next level.


What’s coming?

More developments in the roadmap coming to you soon.

🥳 What’s new?

1. Audiense Insights: Merge Segments in your reports ⛙ 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 

Introducing the Merge Segments Feature – It's like the 'Create-a-Superhero' button for your clusters! 🚀

We've just unleashed this brand-new feature for all Audiense Insights users. Wondering what superpowers it brings to the table? Look no further, we've got a Knowledge Base article ready to unveil its secrets with a step-by-step guide so you can gain those powers quickly.

What you can accomplish:

  • Gain the flexibility to change the narrative of an audience and reduce redundancy (e.g. Jazz + Pop segments = Music segment)
  • Combine any number of segments as long as it does not exceed 250k members
  • Revert your report to its original condition at any time!

Audiense blog - Merge segments

But wait, there's more! You're invited to our product portal (the roadmap to awesomeness), where you can witness the birth of new features, like this one, hear the calls for help, and stay in the loop with regular updates. We'd be over the moon if you shared your questions and feedback there. Who knows, your feedback might just be the radioactive spider that leads to our next superhero feature!" 🕷️💥

Audiense blog - Audiense Product Portal

2. SOPRISM: Create and share customized reports 📖 

Your wait is finally over! We're thrilled to introduce a highly anticipated feature - the ability to craft customized reports, allowing you to effortlessly transform the data from your SOPRISM profiling projects into tailor-made, professional reports. 

This exciting addition empowers you to : 

  • Create reports your way ✏️ Build customized reports from scratch or start with one of our handy templates. Tailor them to your exact specifications.
  • Seamless sharing 🔗 Share your reports effortlessly with your team and stakeholders using a simple URL link. Collaboration has never been smoother!
  • Effortless export 📮 Export all your data with just a single click. Choose between .pdf and .pptx formats for ultimate convenience.

Has this little bulleted list made your mouth water? No wonder! We've prepared a small  ✅ example of what you can share with your colleagues, your customers - in short, with whoever you like.

For those of you who prefer to dive straight into the adventure, we have a more interactive how-to below: 

Audiense blog - SOPRISM - Customized reports

3. SOPRISM: Export your audience targeting criteria to your Meta Ads Manager 🎯 

Get ready to revolutionize how you connect with your audience! We're thrilled to introduce our latest feature, making it effortless for you to send your segments and personas directly from your SOPRISM dashboard to your Meta Ads Manager.

With a single click, you can seamlessly export your profile targeting straight to your Meta Ads Manager, streamlining your audience engagement process and saying goodbye to the tedious era of manual copy-pasting!

👉 Here's what you can accomplish:

  • Export your segments and personas directly from the "Persona Segments" section 🚀
  • Select your desired campaign type from your SOPRISM dashboard

 (e.g. Engagement, Awareness, Traffic, etc.) 🧲 

  • Export an Ad Set from your campaigns within your Ad Account 🧩 
  • Once exported, these campaigns and Ad Sets will be automatically set to "OFF" mode, conveniently listed alongside your "ON" mode campaigns 📣

📚 To help you get started, we have created these easy-to-follow resources:

Audiense blog - SOPRISM: Export your audience targeting criteria

4. Tweet Binder: Historical X post count report☄️

Calling all aspiring X-Men and X-Women! 🦸‍♂️💥 Hold onto your capes because Tweet Binder is unleashing the power of time travel with our Historical Post Count Report.

No need for a DeLorean or a TARDIS, just fire up Tweet Binder and voila! You'll be the master of time, able to summon the historical post count for any hashtag or query since 2006 quicker than you can say 'Avengers Assemble!'.  For instance, see how your campaign has trended over time. 🧿

Audiense blog -  Tweet Binder: Historical X post count report

🚀 What’s better?

1. Audiense Insights: AI-generated Segment naming for all 🧠

Great news, everyone! Remember that beta feature we teased in our latest product update? It's now fully polished and available to all! It's running smoother than a well-oiled machine and is ready to revolutionize the way you understand segmented communities.

Here's the lowdown on what's waiting for you:

  • AI-generated segment names based on bio keywords and affinities, providing clearer distinctions between communities 🔍 
  • Remember, once you've mastered your segments, feel free to get creative by editing their names. The power of personalization is in your hands! ✏️ 

To guide you through this exciting enhancement, check out our Knowledge Base article 🌟🔗

Audiense blog - Audiense Insights: AI-generated Segment naming


2. Audiense Insights: Actions menu redesign

Attention, reporting heroes!

We've upgraded the actions menu within your report, equipping you with a power-packed, more intuitive layout! Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace the neat transformation in your user experience. This smoother navigation enables you to leap through your data like a caped crusader through the skies. 🦸‍♂️


3. Audiense Connect: Last X Post feature improvement 

The Last X post filter is designed to sift through user activity based on their most recent post. However, some users stumbled upon a little bug, reporting results that were showing users as inactive when they had actually been active.

Our crack team of tech wizards quickly pinpointed the issue and applied their magic so our database is progressively being updated, ensuring this feature has restored its full powers. 🕵️‍♂️🛠️

4. Tweet Binder: New impression stats in reports 📈

We've added a magical touch to Tweet Binder reports - introducing real impressions! These new stats are the sparkly unicorn dust that completes your reports, providing you with a simple representation of how many people are seeing your posts helps you calculate the number of impressions your campaigns generate to understand the reach and validity of the channel.

It's like upgrading from black and white to full-color—now your reports boast a richer palette of insights. With real impressions onboard, your analytics adventure just got a whole lot more exciting and informative. 🦄📊

Audiense blog -  Tweet Binder: New impression stats in reports

💡 What’s coming?

1. Joint Affinio<>Audiense product 

Remember in our last update, we mentioned we wanted to bring the best of Affinio and Audiense Insights into one powerful platform? Well, this is one of our main focuses to date, and it’s coming along! We are already launching new features in Insights that already exist in Affinio, such as merging segments. 

Meanwhile, we also want to ensure that other existing Affinio features you love are prioritized accordingly in the new design!

If you are excited by this development, don’t miss out on having your say on what gets tackled first by completing this brief survey to share your input:

Other features getting ready to launch soon!

🎨  SOPRISM: Your dashboard will be undergoing a facelift and becoming more user-friendly! 

📚 SOPRISM: New Audience Library to profile audiences with one click, literally (predefined audiences to give you a helping hand!) 

👀Affinio: Additional interest category visualization

🦸‍♂️Tweet Binder: TikTok Reports

🖊️Single-Sign-On for all products

So there you have it, a jam packed product update! 

Don’t forget to visit our product super portal from time to time where you can vote for upcoming features, leave your feedback or ideas and take part in developing Audiense for the better.