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What is Audience Intelligence? | A Guide from Audiense

Audience intelligence is the practice of extracting key and valuable insights about audiences through data from various sources, which allows you to inform, define and plan your strategies based on rich and real-time data, generating authentic business value.

The latest and most innovative technological developments such as machine learning, big data or artificial intelligence, among others, are some of the tools that audience intelligence uses to provide insights.

Here at Audiense, we have created this guide to showcase the value Audience Intelligence can add to your business as well addressing a few things:

Why is audience intelligence important?

Audience Intelligence provides valuable consumer insights that can be used to inform your business decisions. Such intelligence no longer just exists in the marketing silo but has transcended company borders as the consumer and marketing approach shifts from tactical to strategic. This method enables you to place consumer segmentation and cultural understanding at the center of your strategy. 

Audience intelligence is already widely used by marketing and research industries leaders to get a faster, better and cheaper investigation. Consumer insights from audience intelligence allows you to build a complete picture of the different types of buyer personas that make up your target audiences, your competitors and uncover new audiences that you may have never noticed.

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What are the use cases of audience intelligence?

Audience Intelligence can be used in many of your strategies and business activities. Our customers here at Audiense are continuously discovering new use cases to inform their marketing and business strategies. Here are few of the most valuable:

Audience Identification

Our audience intelligence platform, Audience Insights, enables organizations to identify their target audiences and provide them with valuable insights about those audiences, giving them the information they need to successfully target and engage those individuals with their campaigns.

Audience Segmentation

Based on the “who knows who” method, Audiense Insights is able to cluster people within a wider audience. After identifying these segments based on how individuals are interconnected, you are able to extract unique, specific and niche insights for each relevant segment informing your strategies with an audience-first approach. Find out more about the different types of consumer segmentation.

Social demographic segmentation

Overlaying social demographic data with audience intelligence is a powerful way to take your analysis to the next level and build a more comprehensive and culturally relevant picture of your audience. It also enables you to gain a deeper understanding about what makes your audience unique and what connects them. Learn more about social demographic segmentation and audience intelligence here.

Influencer Identification

Identifying which individuals have the most influence within an audience and, in turn, a segment is a valuable asset when trying to reach and engage your target audiences. Audience intelligence is a key input when it comes to understanding the interests and affinities of an audience. Leveraging the capabilities of Audiense Insights to identify macro, micro and nano influencers can help to to inform influencer marketing and PR strategies.

Media Planning

The deep understanding of your audience from platforms like Audiense will help you allocate your media budget and effort effectively to improve advertising, content and PR efforts. Uncovering your audiences influencers, social media presence and affinities within media will guide your choice of campaigns, both organic and paid.

Social media targeting

Audiense Insights enables you to be more specific and accurate with your social marketing by providing a detailed breakdown of the segments that make up your audience and how they are all connected. You can even download an Audience Targeting pack which provides all the insights you need to create a highly-tailored and effective targeting strategy per channel. Check out our detailed Social Media Targeting Guide to learn more about how it works.

How to use audience intelligence for audience segmentation

The focus has moved on from basic demographics segmentation. Audience intelligence goes further than categorising your target audiences by age, location or gender. Our Audiense Insights platform provides you with the ability to segment audiences by clustering individuals based on “who knows who”, i.e. how members of your audience are interconnected. Such clustering is vital to uncovering relevant and consistent segments along with specific and unique niche insights about those segments: psychographics, influencers, online habits, brands and media affinities…

When extracting these actionable insights, organisations are able to understand ‘the relationships between different individuals or segments and what they care about, allowing for optimized business strategies, from improving social paid campaigns ROI to uncovering new market opportunities or optimizing your PR programs for each segment.

How to use audience intelligence to identify influencers

Identifying who the individuals are who most influence your target audiences is one of the key capabilities of audience intelligence.

Audiense Insights not only provides you with the influencers for every audience or segment but also uncovers which ones are most unique to each segment of your target audience. This empowers marketers and brands to create highly relevant influencer marketing campaigns for each target audience, selecting the most influential and unique macro, micro or nano influencers.

However, it’s not just a matter of identifying the influencers for your target audience; Audiense enables you to develop a deeper understanding of them and how best to activate them. For instance, by creating influencer panels to monitor, you can delve deeper into what matters to them; by analysing their audiences you can uncover who engages with them and identify new target audiences for your brand. You can also engage with them by creating tailored audiences of influencers to target through Twitter Ads, building important relationships between your brand and your target audience influencers in the process.

What can audience intelligence do for your business?

With audience intelligence, you can develop an approach to the consumer and the market that’s not only tactical but also strategic. Using mixed research derived from this method also enables you to obtain both quantitative and qualitative results that can inform your business strategies: for example knowing what is the best product to market for each segment, or how you can identify and discover new audiences to continue growing the market and inform strategic and acquisition plans.

Using audience intelligence, you can embrace an audience centric approach in your strategies, optimizing from your media planning strategy to your content strategy or your persona profiling.

Understanding more about the individuals in the segments will help to give you a detailed view on how you can create your personas: affinities, interests, demographics, personality treats, media consumption, and more. With these insights you can develop more audience-segment-centric strategies: from content development to PR programs or media planning. Armed with consumer insights on what content resonates with your target audiences and which platform to find them, among others, you will have the weapons to lead your business to success.

Getting started with audience intelligence

Audiense Insights, as a leading audience intelligence platform, helps you to develop relevant audience-centric strategies, putting consumer segmentation and cultural understanding at the center of your strategy. Audiense provides you with unique actionable insights on who your audiences are and how you can engage and activate them in the most valuable way.

Would you like to develop a deep understanding of your audience and obtain unique and niche insights on your audiences and the segments that made them up, to inform your business decisions and strategies? Sign up for free TODAY and start creating real audience-centric strategies for your brand.

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