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How To Search For Lists On Twitter

Dec 8, 2014 10:51:59 AM


Twitter lists are an incredibly useful resource with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Twitter lists out there full of vital information. Though it’s simple and easy to build your own Twitter lists, there’s no point in trying to replicate a comprehensive well-maintained list of users that already exists. We’ve got two ways to search for lists on Twitter that will satisfy your every need, using either Twitter or Google.

Twitter has a built-in function to help you find lists that have already been created and made public by other Twitter users. If you want to subscribe to lists your Twitter contacts (i.e. people you follow or that follow you), or people you’re fond of on Twitter, have created - find out how to search them here. If you want to search for all lists on Twitter, here’s how.

1. To search for lists on Twitter, you need to use the search bar, which is available at the top right-hand on your Twitter homepage. For a more detailed explanation on how to use Twitter search tools, click here. Type in the topic of the list you’re looking for, or the kind of people you’d like to find on a list. Here, we’re going to search for ‘chefs’.
2. Twitter will return everything on the website to do with chefs. From people, to photos, to news. You can view by Top results or All. You can see that there is no specific category for Twitter lists.
3. To search for lists on Twitter, you need to change what content you’re looking for in the panel on the left-hand side. At the minute, we’re looking at Everything. To search for lists, select Timelines. If you want to filter down to search for lists amongst people you already follow, change All People to People You Follow. Otherwise, leave it set to all of Twitter.
4. By choosing Timelines, you’ll see a whole new set of results! Et voilà, you can now see every Twitter list related to the keyword ‘chefs’.
5. If you want to see updates from this list, you’ll need to subscribe to the Twitter list.

Search engine masters Google can also help you locate public Twitter lists with ease. Here’s how.

1. The shortcut method to search for lists on Twitter using Google is to type ‘’, followed by the keywords you are looking for in quotation marks, and the word ‘list’. So you can see, we want to find lists on Twitter containing ‘digital marketers’.
2. Here’s what Google pulled up for us. Now all you have to do is browse the lists, see which ones you like best, and subscribe!
Now you know how to search for lists on Twitter, are you looking to do more? Find out for yourself how to make a list on Twitter, delete an old unused list on Twitter, or subscribe to a list you’ve found on Twitter.
Got any other tips on how to search for lists on Twitter? Share them in the comments.

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