What's all the hype about?

Check out what Javier Burón (CEO & Co-Founder of Audiense) & Javier Ábrego (CEO & Founder of Tweet Binder) have to say about the acquisition and what it means for the Twitter community.

Welcome to the ultimate Twitter community!

At Audiense we recognise the value of Tweet Binder’s community. Tweet Binder is used by a range of clients all around the world, with thousands of hashtags tracked every single day. They provide Twitter analytics (impact, reach, user rankings), the ability to identify brand ambassadors, sentiment analysis and so much more...

We’re so thrilled about this acquisition as we now have the opportunity to support and nurture the next generation of social media professionals and audience strategists, who are currently using Tweet Binder, in their work to gain more actionable and strategic insights. 

Why not try out what TweetBinder has to offer yourself...


Who are we?

What is Audiense?

Founded in 2011 shortly after the dawn of the social media phenomenon, the Audiense platform combines rich social data sources with the world’s leading cognitive and machine learning, enabling you to understand the audiences that matter to your business.

What is TweetBinder?

Founded in 2012, TweetBinder is a Twitter analytics tool for agencies and marketers. The Twitter hashtag analytics are used by clients globally with thousands of hashtags tracked every single day.

Why is Tweet Binder joining Audiense? 

Tweet Binder has an impressive community that cares about their clients' conversations on Twitter. Since Audiense was born as SocialBro in 2012, this community represents the social media strategists and insights researchers of the future. Audiense will be the place where we help this community thrive.

Will there be any internal changes that will impact me as a customer?

No, there won’t be any changes that will impact you as a customer. The Audiense and Tweet Binder teams will work as one from now on.

Tweet Binder and Audiense will continue to operate as independent products

Our growing team!

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