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Complete Guide: Build the Best Buyer Personas

Audiense and Adrienne Barnes bring you the ultimate instruction manual on how to develop the right buyer persona for you. 

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The Ultimate Guide for Marketing in 2022

Audiense and Michael Brito bring you the ultimate guide to audience intelligence and the actionable steps to take.

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B2B Influencer Marketing: The Most Relevant Guide for 2022

Audiense and Michael Brito bring you the most relevant guide to B2B influencer marketing and the actionable steps to be take.

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How to improve performance with audience-first SEO

Audiense and Semetrical bring to you the ultimate guide to approaching SEO via an Audience-first lens.

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Discover five key ways that marketers can transform your company’s culture

Sculpting the culture of your company sounds like an enormous task, but every journey starts with a single step, and there has never been a better time to take it.

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[Report] What Marketers Need To Know About Social Media Consumer Segmentation

understand how Social Media Consumer Segmentation is different to your current social listening data, and how it can make your marketing uniquely relevant.

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How Social Data is transforming Public Relations

Before the Internet, the masses were anonymous and were categorised with generic titles. They were audiences we sought to impact through the mass media. The great penetration of social networks has made each of the individuals of those anonymous masses potential micro-influencers, with an enormous capacity to alter the reputation and positioning of a brand.

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Agency Guide: How to create smarter campaigns using social data

Activating consumer insights from social data remains a challenge for several companies however taking advantage of this opportunity allows agencies to add value to services offered to customers. Discover how agencies integrate social data at all stages of a marketing campaign

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Identify the most relevant influencers for your audience

A large percentage of research and influencer selection is still done manually. 73% of marketers believe that the biggest challenge they face when launching an influencer marketing campaign is finding the right influencer.Learn how to develop a data-driven approach to understanding and activating audiences that matter most…

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Uncover an audience's affinities for insights driven campaigns.

Assumptions about an audience are no longer necessary, marketers can base their media planning, sponsorship and content decisions on insights and keep up with the evolving psyche of their audience segments… 

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Sponsorship & Partnerships, Influencer_Marketing, Media_Strategy,Audience_Intelligence,

How sports marketers can drive business in the new markets

Clubs, organizations, and tournament organizers of all sports can use social data to grow audiences, sell tickets, and forge sponsorship opportunities. Here is how the Premier League, UFC, and La Liga, made it…

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How to use Twitter Insights for your content marketing strategy

Twitter, with its 320M monthly users and open nature, is the focus group of the Internet. Discover how its data and insights will change your content strategy. Cut through the noise, make your messages stick… 

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An audience analysis: making a murderer

The conversation around TV shows and genres on Twitter can have a deep impact on media consumption patterns. Find out how important these insights can be, in our analysis of the conversation around Making A Murderer… 

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How to discover your WHOLE fan base

Do you want to miss out on major sponsorship deals because you couldn’t prove that you command an audience as large as you think you do? Learn how to find and prove the size of your fan base… 

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The 5 minutes Twitter Marketing masterclass

Need some fresh thinking applied to your Twitter strategy? Here are ten ideas, which will take you about 30 seconds each to read. These are all starting points to give you the lightbulb moments that drive big change…

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How to use social data to win new business and retain clients

With data as the new gold, “social” is no longer a channel, but a treasure trove of insights. Insights to be used by agencies in their pitch process. See how Havas, Ogilvy and Starcom drive new business… Download eBook… 

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An audience analysis: Stranger Things

Who are the people watching the show? Step into the Upside Down of the audience: explore their tastes, affinities, online habits and more. An unseen, connected world, which you now have the key to access… 

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