Why Mary Marketer is bad for your Persona

"I'm Mary Marketer, I'm a marketer at SMB, love the colour red and enjoy time with my friends" ... Is that a useful persona?

Watch Adrienne Barnes show you what a good persona looks like, traditional ways vs what we need today, avoiding bias and the importance of strong segmentation. All this in under 30 mins!

Anticipation to Anxiety: Catching the wave of Post-Covid life

Have you met Killjoy Karen? Like many, she is struggling to come out of her shell after Covid. Karen worries about being around so many people. She makes up an excuse and sneaks out before she is supposed to meet her friends for lunch. Karen hasn’t spoken to anyone in so long and is unsure what to talk about except Covid.

Killjoy Karen is one of six personas we discovered when looking at how people are feeling about the end of the lockdown. Each group is approaching life differently, presenting new opportunities for brands to be there for them.

Find out more about Karen and the other personas in this webinar and Download the full report!

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Join a panel of great minds to delve into How Digital Intelligence Informs Buyer Personas.

Join Carlos Serra (Audiense), Adrienne Barnes (Best Buyer Persona), Rand Fishkin (Sparktoro), Lea Queroub (SimilarWeb), Michael Brito (Zeno group),  Fernando Angulo (Semrush) & Natalie Furness (Niam Marketing) for a riveting conversation into the famously grey area of Digital Intelligence.

Watch as they answer:

  • What Digital Intelligence means to them?
  • What are applicable ways for people to apply digital intelligence findings to their buyer personas?
  • Can you trust digital intelligence data to be accurate?
  • What are the strengths of using digital intelligence to inform buyer personas?
  • What are the weaknesses of relying on digital intelligence for buyer personas?