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This is an example to showcase Audiense's capabilities to:

  • Understand the audience, to find out how to engage with TikTok users
  • Whom is the audience in the UK using TikTok?
  • To see who should use TikTok to get the most out of their UK/music industry audience.
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Recently we’ve been working with a few alcohol brands through our agency clients. We thought this particular report on Johnnie Walker’s audience may tipple your fancy...

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The conversation around TV shows and genres on Twitter can have a deep impact on media consumption patterns. Find out how important these insights can be, in our analysis of the conversation around Making A Murderer… 

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Who are the people watching the show? Step into the Upside Down of the audience: explore their tastes, affinities, online habits and more. An unseen, connected world, which you now have the key to access… 

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Having signed up wrestling legend Ben Askren the UFC are looking to the future for their next big acquisition. Explore how the UFC can continue to gain global market share... 

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Understand the insights that helped shape a major Technology provider's marketing strategy. Who is their target Audience? What does the data mean?...

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With 100 years under its belt, Tesco is determined to continue to serve shoppers a little better every day. Who are these shoppers? Which communities make up their audience? What makes them loyal Tesco supporters? We have answers...

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