What's all the hype about?

Check out what Javier Burón (CEO of Audiense) & Jonathann Mingoia (Co-Founder of SOPRISM) have to say about the acquisition, what SOPRISM brings to the table and how YOU can get access...

Ready to level up your audience intelligence?

The audience intelligence platform you know and love is about to get even better, thanks to our acquisition of SOPRISM, an extraordinary consumer insight tool which will add a new layer of insight to your Audiense reports.

Sampling a panel of over three billion global users, SOPRISM provides access to Meta data, helping you unearth more detailed cultural and sociodemographic insights.

Using Audiense and SOPRISM together, you’ll be able to:

  • Tap into audiences across Facebook and Instagram
  • Explore brand new audience definitions that will enhance data segmentation
  • Access new filtering tools and reports designed to improve audience understanding
  • And so much more in the roadmap!
It’s time to deep dive into audience intelligence and create your best campaign ever.
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Who are we?

What is Audiense?

Founded in 2011 shortly after the dawn of the social media phenomenon, the Audiense platform combines rich social data sources with the world’s leading cognitive and machine learning, enabling you to understand the audiences that matter to your business.

What is SOPRISM?

Founded in 2016, SOPRISM is an innovative tech start-up focused on social audience profiling. It allows agencies & brands to benefit from the full potential of behavioural social data in order to improve their marketing effectiveness.

What was the reason behind the acquisition?

Why are Audiense and SOPRISM merging? 

By bringing together our expertise in audience intelligence, rooted in different digital data sources, we’re able to create an industry-leading tool. We’re blending our unique know-how and advanced technological capabilities to meet the needs and requirements of all types of organizations, regardless of territory, size and challenges. 

How does this impact our current position in the market?

Audiense was already the leader in the audience intelligence area (according to G2). With the addition of SOPRISM’s technology and talent, we will reinforce our leadership and position as a key driver to educate the market. We will provide the most complete suite of digital audience insights and support leading brands and agencies to reach the next level of maturity in building relevant and efficient audience-first strategies.

What does the future hold (Innovation/market shares/)?

In the short term, any customer will be able to add SOPRISM Reports to their license by upgrading via their account manager. In addition to this, we will be working on merging all our assets ( team/ way of working/ solution / general market learning ).

We will then turn our attention to customer feedback to improve the integration of our solutions and maximize the value and experience.

Finally, we will continue focusing on what gets us excited daily: democratizing audience insights.

Will there be any operational changes?

How is my company data treated?

At Audiense, security and data privacy are our first priority. You can rest assured that your data is well-treated and safeguarded. Plus, Audiense is SOC2 attested. Visit our trust page to find out more

Will there be a change to how I am invoiced?

For Audiense customers, invoices will be issued by our matrix company Audiense LTD.

For SOPRISM customers, in a concise term, nothing will change, and invoices will be issued as normal by the finance department. In the coming months, you will be notified of the shift to the Audiense LTD invoicing system.

What will the new merged company name be?

SOPRISM will still exist as a product, under the company name of Audiense.

What will be the impact on us as customers/users?

Will there be any internal changes that will impact me as a customer?

No, there won’t be any changes that will impact you as a customer. The Audiense and SOPRISM teams will work as one family from now on.

What does the merger mean for a customer?

In the short term, any Audiense customer will be able to test and add SOPRIMIS reports to their license. Speak to your account manager for further details. 

How will this change in ownership impact me as a customer?

In the beginning, this change of ownership will not affect you. You will keep your current contact point and service level. The merger will provide more capabilities, by giving you access to more insights from a broader range of sources and expert advice from your account manager and our customer service teams. 

How will the Audiense and SOPPRISM merger benefit me?

For Audiense: In the short term, any Audiense customers will be able to test and add SOPRIMIS reports to their licenses. Speak to your account manager for further details.

For SOPRISM: In the short term, SOPRISM customers will be able to demo the Audiense

Our growing team!