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Audience Intelligence - Audiense Solutions - Identify, understand & reach a new market

Competitive Intelligence

Identify, understand & reach a new market

Tailoring a strategy 

Using social data, innovative companies are able to identify and understand any audience, allowing them to tailor their strategy and deliver their purpose in the most impactful way. Through a data led approach Audiense can help identify, understand and reach a new market.

Using Audiense Insights this beverages retail brand was able to:

  • Identify and understand the audience of a similar product in their new market (a new potential competitor)
  • Identify a small segment of “health conscious” people which was the ideal  audience to promote their new product to.


How did they do it?

  • They created an audience intelligence report based on people following and mentioning for each of their already known competitors.
  • They realised they had a new potential competitor out of that first analysis.
  • Then created another audience intelligence report for that new potential competitor where they identified a small segment of “health conscious about water” people which was the ideal  audience/early innovators to promote their new product to and use them as a focus group to understand this part of market.

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The approach was not to “steal” the full of audience of the well established brand but... 

... to find a segment that this new product could resonate with and use these insights to gain loyalty.

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