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Audience intelligence - Audiense Solutions - Influencer Marketing to identify thought leaders in B2B

Influencer Marketing

Identifying thought leaders

Overcome influencers skepticism

The purchase journey on B2B is not so easy. B2B buyers spend hours, days and sometimes months researching technology, asking questions and bouncing ideas around their network. The most effective way to overcome their skepticism is by influencing their decisions through trusted third-parties – influencers.

A leading technology brand wanted to identify thought leaders amongst their staff. They used Audiense to:

  • Run an audience intelligence report on their brand (followers, conversations, customers via their support accounts) and their competitors


  • Identify to types of influencers
    • Brand influencers: Thought leaders in the space such as journalists and public speakers to engage 1-2-1 with them for their marketing strategy
    • Identify  employee influencers through filtering by bio key word so they can internally support them

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This resulted in an increased organic engagement when “influential employees” shared specific content relevant to the brand and their own interests.

The brand was able to get certain thought leaders to speak on certain topics that resonated with their audience and promote their own speaking opportunities.

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