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Audience intelligence - Audiense Solutions - Influencer Marketing to understand the macro influencers

Influencer Marketing

Understanding the macro- influencers

Should they be the face of your brand?

Audiense Intelligence tactics can be used to identify potential macro influencers to sponsor your content.

A leading record label group used Audiense to:

  • Identify the most relevant artists they had access to in order to drive engagement with a popular sponsor.
  • They picked the artist that shared a high affinity with the the sponsor.

How did they use audiense?

  • Run an audience intelligence report for the ideal target audience of the brand and each of their artists.
  • Using custom rankings, identify out their most relevant artists for the target audience of the sponsor
  • Using intersection report to understand the overlap of audiences within the target audience segments 
  • Presenting this data to sponsors so they can put into value "their artists' audiences".

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The label was able to identify influencers for their sponsor's audience and benchmark them against the ones they owned.

This resulted in the most popular artist being selected and increased relevant exposure for the sponsor. 

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