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Competitive Intelligence

The winner pitch

Saving time and money

An agency that seeks to win new business (or retain current clients) has a difficult job on their hands: not only must they convince their prospective client that they are the best at what they do, but that they also understand their client’s needs.

With Audiense, an international media agency was able to pull a pitch within 1 week and being able to win among other agencies. The insights that our segmentation brought to the table helped to identify new uncovered opportunities that other agencies were unable to discover. In the pitch, bringing to life the higher personalisation and the necessary focus to be relevant for certain market innovators was key for the success. 


Several worldwide agencies use Audiense as a key source when doing research:

  • They consider the platform pivotal for pitches.
  • “It fuels our thinking, from start to finish”.
  • This results in saving resources - time and money.
  • This results in agency pitches being valuable from the very first pitch.

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