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FAQ: How Do You Find Mentions On Twitter?

Dec 4, 2014 2:22:54 PM

Looking for an easy way to track Twitter mentions and keep an eye on what users are saying about you? It’s only human. It’s rumored curiosity killed the cat, but the Twitter bird is most definitely alive and kicking (probably because of the cat thing…). Anyway, point is, finding your Twitter mentions is easy peasy with the right tools behind you. Let’s get started!Twitter Search Tools

If you’re lucky, you can stay on top of mentions by keeping a close eye on your Notifications panel. When people mention your Twitter handle, a notification will automatically appear in this panel letting you know. However, this won’t give you the full picture of how many people are talking about your brand on Twitter.

A clever Twitter user knows that to find every mention and manage their personal or brand reputation on Twitter, they need to be using Twitter search tools. We have a more detailed guide on how to use Twitter search tools, so let’s keep it simple.

1. Let’s say we want to search for recent mentions of SocialBro where the Twitter user has not @-ed us. First, we need to navigate to the search bar. The Twitter search bar is located on the top right-hand side of your homepage.


2. Type in your search term. If you wish to search for Twitter mentions of your own handle, the best way to find everything is to type in your handle, without the @. So for us, we went to find all mentions of ‘SocialBro’.


3. Twitter will bring back everything you could ever want to know about that keyword, so long as it is publicly available. If you made a typo, or the keyword you were searching for is similar to something else, Twitter may show you results for what it thought you were searching for. If it wasn’t what you wanted, just select ‘Search instead for…’ to see the results you were looking for.


4. By using a keyword to search instead of typing in a Twitter handle to see all mentions, you’ll be able to see any Tweet that features your keyword. For example, you can see here that the search has picked up on mentions where the user did not @ you. You can also see if a Twitter user has shared a link with that keyword in. This is useful if your website domain is the same as your Twitter handle. So as you can see, an article from has appeared in our search. It will also pick up things such as #SocialBro and any @SocialBro Tweets.


5. You can create more complex searches using Twitter’s Advanced Search tools, to help limit a search to a particular time frame, focus on a particular location, or find mentions of your brand from a particular handle. To find out more about using Twitter’s Advanced Search, click here [link].


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Hootsuite is another great tool that can help you keep track of your Twitter mentions easily. Here’s how to set up Hootsuite to monitor your Twitter mentions.

1. Hootsuite uses Streams to show you information about the things you want to monitor. So let’s set up a stream. You can do this from the Hootsuite dashboard by clicking Add Stream. Then, just choose the streams you want to see. So to monitor your Twitter mentions, you need to select Mentions, and that’s all.


2. As we know, mentions alone won’t show us everything we need to track Twitter mentions effectively, you’ll also need to have a Search stream set up. To do this, select Search. Then type in the keyword you’d like to search for. We want to keep an eye on SocialBro mentions, so we’ll search for that.


3. The stream with your search query will now monitor all Twitter mentions of the keyword you entered.


Now you're all set up to track your Twitter mentions! Hootsuite will pick up where you left off whenever you log out, to make sure you don’t miss anything. You could also add the Retweets stream, or any other streams you like.

SocialBro Monitoring

If you want to find more than the @ mentions and monitor your mentions across the entirety of Twitter, SocialBro Monitoring goes beyond the regular searches and mines for the data you need. Monitoring can find all mentions of your brand, with the @, either historically or in real-time to help you keep a close eye on your brand’s reputation. It can help discover what Twitter users are saying about you, and the people you need to reach out to that are speaking positively (or negatively) of your brand to use to your advantage.

Let’s say you recently ran an integrated marketing campaign with a big social element that used a specific campaign hashtag, and you want to see how many people Tweeted about your brand and your campaign overall. All you need to do is create your search query with the Monitoring tool, highlight key information in Tweets such as the hashtag used in your campaign, and the handle of your account, and SocialBro Monitoring will fetch all the data needed. You can then export this information into a report and use it to evaluate the success of a campaign or use this information to actively segment and target users of interest. You can also do this in real-time to measure current performance of a campaign and tweak where needed.

Want to learn more? Watch the video below for a thorough walk-through of SocialBro Monitoring.

Now you know how to monitor your Twitter mentions, why not take a look at some of our other useful blog posts? Find out how to master the Twitter search tools, how to create a list on Twitter, or how to track down fake Twitter followers.

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