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G2 Fall reports are out & you made us Leaders! Thank you 😊

Carlos Serra - COO
Sep 24, 2020 1:23:03 PM

2020 has been a hard year for us all, but receiving such great news from G2 makes our day-today a little easier. We are truly grateful for your kind reviews and your continued support.

Authentic user opinions are a cornerstone of product strategy, helping inform future users and customers. G2 is a platform that allows customers to review products like Audiense. All reviews are verified and quality checked. Ultimately, the goal is to measure the fit and the market momentum your product has.

Only three months ago in the G2 Summer Report we were recognised as high performers within our competing categories but according to the new G2 Fall Report we have now become LEADERS!

Not only are we leading four product Grids, but we have also been named as a Momentum Leader:

Audiense is a leader in Influencer Marketing on G2
Audiense is a leader in Social Media Analytics on G2

A new G2 category: Audience Intelligence Platforms

Towards the end of July, G2 introduced a NEW category recognising the increasing importance of Audience Intelligence platforms as part of the Stack mix, a great achievement for our entire ecosystem.

We put a lot of effort into pushing for this category to be created but it would have not been possible without the collaboration of our competitors (Affinio, Helixa, Global WebIndex...) and industry professionals (Michael Brito, David Boyle, Edward Bass…) highlighting the value audience intelligence held for any company. Javier Burón (our CEO) couldn’t contain his excitement when we heard the news and took to Twitter:


We didn’t realise but more good news was around the corner. Only a couple months after it’s creation we were Leading it!

Why us? Before, most companies were using a combination of social listening (qualitative) and social analytics (quantitative) to measure their social media presence or use the social data to inform their market & consumer research. However, the value of any strategy is measured by how well it connects the brand to its audience, whether it be through identifying new audience opportunities or better understanding of your current audience. This is our main strength, we know how to slice up and repurpose social data in a new way, whilst focusing on network graph analysis rather than social listening and analytics.

Think about your own social media behavior, most of your time is spent consuming content and following brands/people you like, rather than posting comments. Audiense is able to segment a brand’s audience based on the connections between groups (aka segments, tribes, communities) whilst cutting through the noise in a social conversation when you are looking to uncover and understand personas.


What do your peers think about Audiense?

Over the last few months we have gathered a wide range of reviews from professionals within Marketing, Social Media, Insights and Market Research industries among others. Here are just a few:

Lilach B.
Lilach B.
(50 or fewer emp.)
"The main problem it helps with is enhancing your marketing campaigns (and it helps with all types of marketing, from ads to content to social media and to influencer marketing). I mostly use it for 3 big reasons: finding out how to enhance my marketing campaigns, for improving online advertising results (using the Audiense Targeting Pack which is a really cool feature for advertisers) and for discovering new business opportunities (based on each segments' audience). Occasionally, I'll also use it for some competitive research "

Rory H.
Rory H.
(50 or fewer emp.)
"You can use Audiense to undertake competitor research as well as market research for those audiences that follow relevant media / brands in your industry. It can help you to 1) develop profitable buyer personas; 2) undertake competitor audience research; 3) build out PR prospect lists of influencers; 4) structure your paid media campaigns; 5) plan your SEO strategy user-first. I would recommend Audiense as a go-to tool for any companies (large or small) looking to get a better understanding of their online audience and opportunities to grow into new audiences."

Lauren W.
Lauren W.
Naturopathic Nutrition Specialist
(50 or fewer emp.)
"Sometimes it is difficult to understand niche or emerging audiences, I feel like the insights available on this platform have helped me to understand audiences in new ways and shaped how I produce content. The data is quantified and qualified in a user friendly way so that we don't have to work too hard to dig out compelling insights."

It’s now your time to shine! If you’re an Audiense customer we would love for you to share your experience with your colleagues and other industry professionals by leaving a review of Audiense on G2. Need a bit of a push to do so… just think for every review left we make a donation towards the Girls Who Code project on your behalf.

Wait! Did you say you're still not an Audiense user? Can’t believe it, but don’t worry, you can sign up for FREE right now and start your journey through all that that audience intelligence can offer to your business.

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