How audience analysis helped WWF to engage a niche audience for their Nature Positive campaign

How audience analysis helped WWF to engage a niche audience for their Nature Positive campaign

About WWF

WWF, also known as the World Wildlife Fund, stands as a prominent organization dedicated to conservation efforts addressing crucial issues concerning nature, people, and climate.


The Challenge

WWF International has issued a call for global action to reverse the loss of nature and achieve a nature-positive world by 2030. This initiative involved launching a campaign to emphasize the significance of a Nature Positive global objective, which required introducing new terminologies and concepts to the public.

Initially targeting sympathetic organizations and NGOs, the challenge extended to engaging broader public audiences, necessitating precise targeting strategies to effectively spread the message.

The Solution

The campaign aimed to advocate for a nature-positive mission within the Global Biodiversity Framework. WWF achieved this goal by leveraging targeted outreach to like-minded individuals and forming partnerships with other NGOs. Audiense  played a pivotal role in understanding the audience and identifying key targets.

Key Strategies:

  • Building audience lists
  • Maximising NGO partnerships and influencer advocacy

The Results

The campaign yielded impressive outcomes, with exponential growth in awareness of the Nature Positive goal among influential stakeholders. Mentions of the #NaturePositive hashtag surged by over 400% from 2020 to 2021. 

Collaboration with various NGOs in the climate and biodiversity sectors further amplified the campaign's reach, including support from UN Biodiversity and the Convention on Biological Diversity's X account. This increased exposure significantly boosted WWF's advocacy channel, @NatureDeal, attracting over 10,000 followers through influencer and NGO collaborations, marking a resounding success for the campaign.

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