How consumer insights helped a CBD e-commerce platform identify and engage micro-influencers

How consumer insights helped a CBD ecommerce platform identify and engage micro-influencers 1920x1080-1

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The Challenge

With strict regulatory measures in place in the U.K. for advertising CBD products on Google and social media, the client needed to find a way around these regulations by exploring the opportunities that micro-influencers offer.

Being a U.K.-based platform, they wanted to identify micro-influencers who are based in London and active on YouTube and Instagram. And in order to reach their main target audience, these influencers needed to have a strong presence in four main categories – wellness, sports, indulgence, and pets.

While brand awareness was a major objective, the client also hoped that these micro-influencers would help to add more authenticity to their social media campaign. As such, they needed to gain their endorsement and build a long-term relationship with them.

The Solution

Realizing the need to get really precise with the influencer identification process, Convosphere set out to deploy several methodologies to identify micro-influencers meeting the client’s criteria.

This involved looking at influential social media users and filtering them based on interests, bio, and conversations.

  1. Identify relevant influencers based on interests
  2. Identify relevant influencers through conversation and bio information
  3. Use Twitter as a data gate for building an “influencer universe”

The Results

Using a thorough influencer identification process, Convosphere was able to shortlist 300 potential influencers. To further fine-tune this list, they reviewed the influencers for authenticity and influence. This involved looking at both quantitative and qualitative metrics such as:

  • Follower count
  • Social media presence (across platforms)
  • Influence in the category (under key categories and subcategories)
  • Author type – bloggers, vloggers, fitness coaches

As a result of this meticulous influencer identification process, the client was able to engage with authentic micro-influencers who were highly relevant to the four main target categories. This enabled them to successfully promote their ecommerce platform and new CBD product while circumventing the U.K advertising restrictions pertaining to CBD.


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[Case study] How consumer insights helped a CBD ecommerce platform identify and engage micro-influencers
“Audiense helped us to identify influencers based on their interest and geo-location, but more importantly to measure their presence across social media platforms and understand their audience. This data helped us to develop a pool of influencers in key categories such as wellness, indulgence, sports, and pets and for the client to choose the right influencer to collaborate with."
Wonkyung Shin

Wonkyung Shin
Insight Analyst | Convosphere

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