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How to create smarter campaigns using social data

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Discover how agencies integrate social data at all stages of a marketing campaign.

Learn to develop actions focused on target audiences: move away from simple data collection and towards its integration and activation at all stages of a campaign.

Activating consumer insights from social data remains a challenge for several companies however taking advantage of this opportunity allows agencies to add value to services offered to customers.

This guide will explore:

  • What brands expect from agencies and why the insights market is considered to be an opportunity to offer specialized services.

  • The new ways of segmentation that social data facilitates and how the most innovative agencies are using them to create smarter campaigns.

  • How to activate insights throughout the planning and creative development processed, from the pitch to post campaign analysis.

  • Case studies on the use of social data in each phase of a campaign with testimonials from seasoned agency professionals.

The most innovative agencies are already using customer insights obtained from social data to inform strategies and campaigns, both online and offline.

Download the guide NOW to get ahead of your competition.