Audience Analysis: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers in 2022

The Ultimate Guide for Marketing in 2022

What you need to know to make 2022 a success

Audiense has come together with Michael Brito to create the ultimate guide to audience intelligence. We bring you actionable steps to take in order to learn more about your current customers and prospects.

Our ultimate guide focuses on:

  1. Defining audience intelligence. It’s important to address the differences between social listening and audience intelligence. While each method is important, they require different ways of thinking.
  2. Data-informed Audience Personas. Building personas from intuition doesn’t work. Yes, it’s convenient to download a template online, customize it to your brand identity and fill in the blanks, personas that are not backed by data are a waste of time. They may look good on a slide, but they won’t get you the results you expect.
  3. Audience Architecture. There are 3 types of audiences you can build–specialised audiences, affinity-based audiences and micro-audiences.
  4. Audience - First Content Strategy. There are several things you can implement in your content strategy from building an audience to including audience topical relevance, keyword and phrasing usage, and traditional media affinities.
  5. Real-time Audience Engagement. This is where real-time audience listening comes in – rather than trying to align your brand with everyone, this approach leverages the audiences that are most important to amplify your success.

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