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Audience Analysis:

Making a Murderer

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A 8-page clear report on how the conversation around a TV show will help your planning strategy.

In 2015, Netflix’ Making A Murderer took Twitter by storm. TV and Twitter have a strong relationship and the conversation around TV shows and genres on Twitter can have a deep impact on media consumption patterns. To get an idea of how important this insight can be, we have compiled a report on the full conversation around Making A Murderer.

This report covers three main sections:

  • Conversations: Covering the entire landscape of Making A Murderer on Twitter, and why conversations are so important for future strategies.

  • People: Who is your audience? Why is it important to look into those who are talking about you and your shows.

  • The Next Time: How this data and insight collected from Twitter can be used to prep for the launch of your next show.

Download the eBook to discover how how to use social data to conquer new markets.