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How To Use Social Data To Win New Business And Retain Clients

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A 31-page clear and strategic guide to winning new accounts and retaining existing ones by using social data.

With data as the new gold, “social” is no longer a channel, but a treasure trove of insights. Insights to be used by agencies in various stages of their pitch process, from initial research to pitching to clients, to retaining customers.

This eBook will take you through:

  • How agencies, platforms and software can work together to build the perfect pitch for potential clients.

  • How social data and insights help in client retention and winning new business.

  • How agencies can take advantage of the fact that many brands look to hire a mix of speciality, boutique and full-service agencies for better innovation and bigger results.

  • Who, in the whole dynamic of agency vs brand owns the software that provides the social data and insights?

  • How can behavioural insights better your targeting capabilities.

  • How using insights can save you time on execution and reporting.

Download the eBook and discover how agencies like Ogilvy PR, Havas Helia and Starcom drive new accounts to their businesses and how you can do too.