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How Sports Marketers Can Use Social Data To Drive Business In New Markets

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A 24-page clear, strategic guide with real examples for implementing social data in a growing international marketing strategy.

Clubs, organisations, and tournament organisers of all sports all over the world can use social data to grow audiences, sell tickets, and forge sponsorship opportunities. Learn how to do this using real examples from the Premier League, UFC, and La Liga, plus ideas for golf, rugby, the Olympics, basketball, and more.

This eBook will show you how to:

  • Create a clear template for an effective ongoing strategy in new markets.

  • Research new markets and identify your position in them.

  • Uncover the true size of your audience.

  • Increase and demonstrate your value to sponsors.

  • Drive audiences to local channels.

  • Identify the best local influencers for you.

  • Specific steps to ensure the influencers are relevant to your brand.

  • Personalise your communication to match the market.

  • Build on an event to create long-term benefits..

Download the eBook to discover how to use social data to conquer new markets!