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The 5 Minute Twitter Masterclass

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A lightening-quick 14-page ideas directory to drastically increase the value of your brand’s Twitter presence and activity.

Need some fresh thinking applied to your Twitter strategy? Here’s ten ideas, which will take you about 30 seconds each to read. There is nothing in-depth, these are all starting points to give you the lightbulb moments that drive big change. Many are already being used by some of the world’s top brands and agencies, some of which have given us thirty seconds of their time to help you.

This eBook will provide you with ideas to:

  • Implement AI into your targeting.

  • Feed your social success into wider marketing activities.

  • Increase your presence among industry influencers.

  • Turn Twitter into a well-oiled arm of your PR machine.

Plus much more, including the top tips from professionals at brands such as Innocent, World Economic Forum, and Microsoft.

Download the eBook, get your stopwatch ready, and prepare to have a head full of ideas in five short minutes.