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How To Use Twitter Insights For Your Content Marketing Strategy

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A 20-page visual guide to optimising your content strategy by using data insights.

Twitter, with its 320M monthly users and open nature, is the focus group of the Internet. Discover the Twitter data and insights that will enable you to transform your current content marketing strategy, and cut through the noise to make your messages stick.

This ebook will take you through:

  • Listening to what your audience is talking about on Twitter, and how you can use these insights to your advantage.

  • Sneaking into your competitor’s data to build an effective content strategy of your own.

  • Enriching your buyer personas with audience insights.

  • What and who does your audience have an affinity with, and why this is important.

Download the eBook to discover how you can take advantage of the billions of conversations on Twitter, and form an intelligent content marketing strategy based on their insights.