Learn all the steps to use the data extracted from social networks in your PR strategy.

Before the Internet, the masses were anonymous and were categorised with generic titles. They were audiences we sought to impact through the mass media. The great penetration of social networks has made each of the individuals of those anonymous masses potential micro-influencers, with an enormous capacity to alter the reputation and positioning of a brand.

Social interactions between those potential micro-influencers, brands and organisations generate valuable insights which, together with other available public data, will define businesses’ decision-making processes. We live in an area of organisations focused on audiences!

How should a Public Relations professional position himself/herself in the vanguard of the sector? How can he/she make the most of all the knowledge generated from social data for the benefit of a brand?

In this eBook you’ll find:

  • Key aspects of the development of the PR industry in the digital era, explained by Iván Pino Zas, Partner and Senior Digital Director at LLORENTE & CUENCA.

  • The rise of social data and how they impact each point of the Public Relations strategy, by our CEO. Javier Burón builds a bridge between social data and Public Relations by connecting current trends and the uses of social data with the standard PR processes.

  • What is the new focus like with which we professionals treat the earned, paid and in-house media thanks to Influence Marketing, with one of the leaders in the sector: Michael Brito, Executive Vice-President of Digital and Technology at Zeno Group.

  • A step-by-step guide on how to use social data in a PR strategy, from the identification of appropriate stakeholders to their activation, going through the production and distribution of content.

The most innovative Public Relations agencies and professionals are already using social insights to inform their strategies and campaigns.

Download the eBook and get ahead of the competition.


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