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2023 in review: Bigger and better than ever!

Another year draws to a close and what a year it has been! 2023 has without a doubt been one of the craziest, but most inspiring years, for us at Audiense.

The headline for 2023 is, we’re doing better than ever! With 60% year-on-year growth and roughly $20 million in Audiense products sold in the market, the future's looking bright. According to the latest Social Intelligence report, we currently hold 8% of the market and we’re more committed and confident than ever about our mission to our vision to democratise audience insights.

2024 is set to bring exciting new solutions and updates to our product, using current data sets, and we’re also planning to integrate brand new data sources – in addition to X and Meta – to continue helping our clients understand more about their audiences, from cultural insights to content.

In hindsight, the outstanding theme of 2023 has been pivotal moments for us, for our clients, and for the platforms. So, let’s live in the moment for our 2023 recap!

Pivotal moment number 1: Acquisitions, acquisitions, acquisitions

After celebrating our 10th anniversary last year, we wrapped up the year with the strategic acquisition of Belgium-based company SOPRISM. This demonstrated our commitment to the consumer intelligence space, and it also got us thinking about what mattered most to help us grow and develop Audiense.

Our acquisition strategy needed to focus on providing new tech capabilities, particularly structuring new data sources, or boosting revenue.

At that point we were still focused on expanding our partner solution channels, given our successful track record to date with the likes of Meltwater and Pulsar. In January, we were thrilled to announce our integration with GWI, and we quickly followed up with a brand new partnership with Kantar in March.

Partnerships are essential for providing our customers with exciting new data sources and functionality. But we also see ourselves as the next emerging consolidator in the consumer insight space. 2023 proved just as fruitful as 2022, with us announcing two further acquisitions in the first 6 months of the year, TweetBinder and Affinio. Clearly, good things come in threes!

Pivotal moment number 2: The changing social media landscape

You may remember in 2022, I said we need to talk about Elon. While we weren’t quite sure what Twitter 2.0 would look like, we were optimistic about the future and we still believe that feedback will be a crucial for helping shape the platform into what we as an industry, and consumers, need.

We also saw Elon completely switch things up for Twitter, rolling out a complete rebrand of the platform to X. While the changes have presented their own challenges, we’ve welcomed the opportunity to strengthen our standing in the X community, which represents the social media strategists and audience researchers of the future.

Pivotal moment number 3: The Audiense family continues to grow

60% growth year-on-year would not be possible without our incredible Audiense team. 2023 was about more than just acquisition, it was also an opportunity for us to look inward.

Our Audiense family continues to grow – literally in some cases! – and I couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible team we’ve built. Not just the people that have worked to make Audiense what it is over the last decade, but our brand-new colleagues and friends that joined us as part of the acquisitions. Every time I speak to these incredibly talented people, they fill me with enthusiasm and pride for what we’ve achieved… and of course, what’s still to come.

We’ve spent the last 12 months focused on mindfully integrating not just new products and functionality, but new team members, to help us build and support a culture we can be proud of. And this all adds up to an even better offering for our customers. We’ve been able to make significant updates to our website, develop our product offering, and transform for a single platform to a comprehensive suite of powerful solutions.

2024, let’s do this!

We are fired up and ready to dive into another exciting year! Here’s a sneak peek at what we have planned for 2024:

  • New compliant data sources: We’re already testing new data sources that will drive new use cases and intel for our customers.
  • New solutions to identify worldwide audience trends and demand: Using current data sources and new data sources (more to come on this…), we’re planning to offer new ways for you to discover worldwide insights .
  • New ways to integrate Audiense with your favourite products: Our customers our already mixing Audiense outputs with LLMs, and we want to make this even easier for you in 2024, so you can focus on delivering your best work.

We are really encouraged by how the market is evolving in our space and the opportunities that we have to lead the way. And more importantly, we’ve received so much constructive feedback for you, our customers, this year that will help us continue to improve our core capabilities.

Have a wonderful festive season and we’ll see you next year!

Peace and love x